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    Russian Localisation

    Hello and good day!

    In Russia, we so much love Planet Coaster ! When Russian language will be added to this coolest game ?)

    P.S Sorry for my bad English)

    Best regards.

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    Yeah! I do not have enough Russian language ... Frontier, please add Russian language.
    You made a great game!

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    Also, I beg to answer the question. When the Russian localization of the game is played. The game is very good. But the language barrier spoils everything. Enter the Russian language and expand your sales range. It's your profit and less headache to the Russians. (Used by an interpreter)

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    Great game. But I do not feel comfortable playing it without Russian language.
    I hope you add Russian.

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    Please add Russian language! Thx for best game!

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    Cool game would add Russian localization would be super

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    Hi! Frontiers, believe me, I've gave you a lot of money at the total, I hope you'll translate PC too!
    Thanks for the game!

    P.S.: 3xED,1xEDH,MSC,PC

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    Could you please tell me when will the Russian language be in the game? The Russian community is waiting for him for a comfortable game.

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    +1 Lots of languages but there is no russian...

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    I really need a translation into Russian of this cool game!!!

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    In Russia, many fans of similar simulators and this developer.
    +1 for Russian language

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    Good day. Many Russian-speaking users would be very comfortable to see your project in Russian. Your game is beautiful and exciting. We ask you to add Russian.

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