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    Whew! Thank you all so much! A lot has been going on lately but I'm still chugging forward. With the new update coming out next week I may slow down until after it's released. Until I get more time to finish this project up enjoy some pictures of the ride itself!(Hurray for no more queue)

    The station has become my personal favorite part. The scifi items actually work great here without coming off as SciFi.

    WHAT IS THIS!?! I'm showing off the inside the showbuilding? :n00b:

    I think in all I am up to over 400 triggered events for this ride. Most of them are strobes that last less than 2 seconds. 55mph, 102 seconds long, pulls 4 GS according to the Stats screen. So you can tell... this thing is a beast. I will be including a lights on POV with the final release and maybe the park file as well.

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    Will this ever be in the Steam workshop?
    Planet Coaster will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.
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    Really nice, if only Planet Coaster had those vekoma trains for this one
    Early Bird.

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    Well...I came in here expecting incredible things...and my mind was blown and how far past incredible this is! I love it!
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