Constant crashes especially on exit, scenery item graphics not appearing until reload

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Thread: Constant crashes especially on exit, scenery item graphics not appearing until reload

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    Constant crashes especially on exit, scenery item graphics not appearing until reload


    All of the time (100% reproducible)

    Area of Game Affected

    Crashes constantly on exit with a variety of weird graphical artifacts. Also crashes in game if I go anywhere near the blueprints button forcing a hard reboot of my system therefore I am unable to return to windows to see what, if any messages popped up.

    Also crashes randomly in game for no apparent reason. Items such as the barrel bins and barrel benches are invisible until I reload the level assuming it doesnt hang (which it does if I attempt to reload from within an active game).

    Shops only display partial textures when built, they are only observable complete on a reload of the level, same as aforementioned scenery items. Instant and total system lock out if I press the blueprints button. Also it seems my avatar is not appearing and is only the default question mark on a black circle even after creation.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Install
    2. Load
    3. Fail

    Steps taken to resolve/info:

    Installed latest gtx 970 drivers (February 2017)

    All DX and C++ drivers/libraries installed

    Reinstalled motherboard drivers for Intel I5

    Disabled on board graphics in BIOS

    Set admin user on exe

    Re-downloaded and reinstalled game

    16gb RAM - approx 3 gig used whilst in game

    Windows 7 64

    128gb SSD

    Running on 1920x1080 FS with untouched standard settings as suggested by the game.

    My GFX settings in windows are also on default.

    Purchased today from steam.

    So far this game is about as stable as an Italian taxi driver stuck behind two nuns in a skoda. I can live with a few teething bugs but ? This is why I waited a few months because I knew it would be plagued with early issues, seems I shouldve waited a few more.

    Not impressed folks, not at all. Unplayable at the moment (obviously). I havent got the time or the inclination to fix your game for you. Ive spent 3 hours just getting this far and thats all im prepared to tolerate given that every other game ive installed in the last few years has worked virtually without issue (certainly not game breaking issues even after the first major patch). Even RCT3 works better than this and you have to install that in crazy ways these days. Very dissapointing.

    Here is a link to a YT video of someone who has the exact same issue with the scenery:

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    Hello, Sorry you have been having issues. I have played myself with an i5 and 970 with no issues so this is concerning. Could you please provide your Dxdiag? This will help diagnose any issues.
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    It may also help to verify the game files if assets are failing to load correctly.

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    Could you provide a DXDiag so we can identify your hardware fully please?
    Also could you detail what PSU you are using and what temperatures your machine is running at when you experience the problems.

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    Moving this one over to the Tech Support section for further diagnosis and assistance.

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