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    Another Newbie

    Hey guys (and gals), so I've only just joined the forum but have had the game about a month now. I'm just about to get my last star in the career mode, which I have been using as a pretty good tutorial.
    I was doing a lot of sim building (I never played the game just built houses) and saw someone mention Planet Coaster on a youtube video I was watching at the time. I had to have this game.... So far, I'm amazing at making the parks, love the freedom and feel of the game, great at making profit. So, I currently (and will probably always.... suck at building coasters, I've tried so many youtube vids and read tips and I suck, plain and simple. I'm so thankful for the steam workshop, without it I would never have gotten stars for any coaster building activities.
    Always looking for tips and tricks, and also some new friends for my new game.
    Looking forward to challenge mode to see what that brings and then eventually sandbox.
    Happy Gaming,

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    Hey Trixi,

    Welcome to the world of Planet Coaster. Thank you for your nice introduction. : )

    Have a great time and enjoy the ride with Planet Coaster
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    Hello Trixi,

    nice to meet you - enjoy your time here on the forums as well as playing the game :-)

    Thanks for your introduction!
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    Hi and welcome!
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    a good way to learn how to build coasters would be to try the older RCT games (not rctWorld), they have a much simpler coaster building tool that is really easy to get the hang of, and if you practice with that for a bit it should help transition you into PC more

    It took me a few years of playing RCT before I understand the mechanics of a well rated coaster. I could build wooden or junior coasters very easily, but it took a long time to know how to do inversions that the guests would actually ride. The trick is just understanding how to balance/maintain your speed. Don't go through turns to quickly without banking, don't go through inversions to quick or to slow, keep your hills even with each other, etc etc

    I think if I had never played RCT i would not even know where to begin with the coaster editor in PC because it is quite advanced (and lacks the simplicity rct had) but luckily I have that prior RCT experience to give me some guidance.

    PC really could use a better coaster building tutorial
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    Hello Welcome to the happy Family I hope you continue to have fun, and don't worry one day it will *click* and then you know how to build coasters.

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    Hey, nice to meet you!
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