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    I just wanted to say Thanks to Bo and Ed, as well to any special guest hosts that they have, for doing these streams they are great. I watch almost every week but since I do it at work on my phone, with approval, I don't get to join the chat but I am there. I think it is great how much you all care about the community.

    Thanks for showing my Clock tower, it made me realize I needed to add some placement pictures and instructions in steam and an extra sign.

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    Wow, Bo! I'm thankfully and honestly surprised that you gave a live stream a go this Wednesday after your big weekend at PAX. I hope you all had fun and got to see the sights a bit outside of your busy schedules!.

    I spent the first 14 years of my life as an "U.S. Military brat"- which means we were shipped between California, Pennsylvania, and West Germany constantly. Jet lag definitely STINKS!

    Five time zones worth of jet-lag can be kinda like sleep deprived whip-lash. I hope Ed, You, Sam, et all get rested up and recover soon!

    ("Silly" side note: I live in Pennsyvania, GMT+5. I've been working late second shift for about twenty-two years- GMT+11ish... I can't wait to watch the Wednesday live stream tomorrow. Or is it this morning? Ugh. I just don't know anymore! LOL)

    Get some "ZZzz's" ... Thanks for a great week-end. Rest well, our Frontier friends!

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