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    New Rides from Germany

    Hey Sam, we here in Germany have developed some very interesting new amusement-rides, maybe there are a few interesting for you to implement into PC.

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    Oooh come on ... that movie is an old one and all the rides are fake. But it's well done. And the "developers" headquarter is obviously in Florida, as you can read right at the beginning.

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    Those rides are very very blatently fake. If those were real, the speed at which they move would kill people very very quickly due to excessive forces.

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    Nobody gets the joke? Im pretty sure the Op knew it and posted it with those reasons. I liked it very much and had a laugh

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    What a brilliant and wonderfully conceived documentary! I'm sure Sam Denny and everyone else at Frontier would find TONS of great inspiration if they watch this.

    That last ride was by far my personal favorite!!!

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