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    Hello !!

    It's Monday, so it's the day of Universal Studio Hollywood ^^ Thanks for watching !

    Bye Bye


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    Forgot to post this the other day. But here is the most recent episode in my Aurora Park series!

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    Canyon Fall RailRoad - Episode 17 :p !!

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    New episode of "A Mouse's Adventure" :p !!!

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    I recently had the opportunity to build in Sparrow Falls, the Geekism community park hope you guys enjoy this one.

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    We're finally back in Aurora Park working on the interior of the monorail station in Smuggler's Den!

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    Hello everyone, this is the end for Canyon Fall Railroad, this the last episode of this let's play ! POV comes soon ^^ !

    Bye Bye @Shift
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    Hey guys! Coaster Creator here. I'm a new youtuber and I'm also new to the game.

    Here's my first video came up with this after a few hours of playing the game! Hope you enjoy! more videos to come so make sure to subscribe!

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    Hello guys !! Cinematics + POV now available :p !!

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    Bravo a Shift et Skyvador , pour l'excellent boulot ! Enfin des francophones a l'honneur ! Un gros travail pour chacun , et dommage pour Skyvador , pour tes guests qui apprecient peu le travail fait sur ton spectacle ! C'est un point que les Devs auraient du améliorer : que les guests ne bougent plus et regardent un firework , dès qu'il commence .........jusqu'a la fin !

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    We're detailing the exterior of the monorail station in this episode and also talk about what the next DLC could be!

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    In this episode we start a new domed area called Atropa Gardens!

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