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    New enclosure in my zoo:

    Hi there, its me AemJaY from Switzerland!
    Visit me on Twitter - Youtube or Twicht!

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    Greenfair Garden - the mini park mini-series

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    In this episode, we build the Zenith coaster in our spooky area!

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    Let the Genie take you on a magic carpet ride!

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    We do some more work on the station building for the Crypt Keeper!

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    In this episode we add more detail around the spooky area!

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    A recreation of the only wooden coaster in the state of New Mexico

    Check out my YouTube channel full of Planet Coaster creations

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    Top 12 roller coaster in Planet Coaster


    My friend made a couple of top 12 roller coaster in Planet Coaster. Is this something this community would be interested in? The roller coasters include creations based on James Bond and Portal (They were awesome!). Anyway, if you have time, please check the videos out and like or leave a comment on stuff you'd like to see more! Any suggestions for improvement are welcome!! Thank you!

    Top 12 September - December:

    Top 12 July - September:

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    New at Kaleidoscope Piers! The Lost Expedition...

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    In this episode we continue work on the station building for Crypt Keeper!

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    It's been slow from me recently first moving, then the holidays and then flu... sucks!!!

    But I did manage to squeeze in a new episode this week

    Does anybody have any ideas they could share I'm starting to struggle for inspiration

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    BryceFoxdon - I'm am soooooo sorry about your flu - and if you have the 'Australian Flu' - on behalf of myself and my fellow country men - I apologize.

    It is 35 degrees Celsius here today and just wearing shorts - and very, very humid - I hope this fact makes you feel better - regards G

    Excellent video BTW . . .

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    Thanks dude �� it's 3 degrees Celsius here �� and yes it's Aussie flu but recovering and will be back in full force soon enough, there's a whole new year ahead and looking forward to seeing what it brings ��

    Think positive and pisitive things will happen

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