The Planet Coaster Picture Thread

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Thread: The Planet Coaster Picture Thread

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    Here's the problem I'm having. I know the coasters aren't technically up and running is that why auto connect isn't working? It's very difficult for me to connect tracks sometimes.

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    Maybe I'm just really lost but how do you take a screen shot?

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    Welcome to Tortuga (Coaster station yet to be themed)

    Check out the rest at

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    Not ready to really show tbh.

    Bonus Cosmic cow:

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    My first 4 hours...., just entrance area, took a long time, but i like the way it's coming along. You don't see the side stuff and details like I would like, waiting till the park is done before giving a full look

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    Disneyland inspired castle

    Made a Disneyland inspired castle with the limited resources we have access too. I cant imagine all the endless possibilities, once this game is polished and more content is added.

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    Wow some of these are great, especially your composition of structures and landscaping DreamMaster! Really showing off the games capability already. How is everyone getting such high quality screenshots?

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    I got a bit carried away with the lights on some of the park, but I'm starting to feel like i'm getting the hang of this.

    Imgur Album

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    Just drag the section of track you are working on near the end piece and then click the end piece of track and it should autoconnect

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    Some pics

    I've been playing for almost 6 hours. I tested some stuff.
    After you place the ticket from a ride you can build a modular building around it, from the entrance, so you can hide it and make on giant piece of nice and solid atraction!

    There are some SS of my test!

    I just loved this feature! And the station of the Coaster is so cool!

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    Today I've been testing building using different angles and heights, it can be a bit tricky at the moment but really enjoying it!

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    working on a food court and dueling coaster right now, should be finished by tommorrow no teasers yet but stay tuned

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    Here i have some of my Park

    I dont know how to make the picture album show up here in the forums but here is the link to it.

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    This is my first time playing any sort of tycoon type game since I last played RCT3 back in 2008. Decided to give the coaster editor a shot right off the bat. Hope it looks alright. I had some issues with the building editor because I wanted my walls at different angles.

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