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    Why hadn't I seen this view before? No idea...
    "Well we went through quite a lot of names and I thought seeing as musically I wanted to swing through the jungle baring my arse, I just thought Gorillaz would be the perfect name."
    (Murdoc Niccals - Gorillaz)

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    Early bird, Vip pass, Coaster head , Just another Gay dude!

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    I need to finish that project - building since december 2016 .-.

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    Finally playing some Planet Coaster again. The park is getting shape:

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    Park Entrance/Administration building for my new arctic/sci-fi themed park, Aurora Park!

    More pictures here:

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    Once again I am seeing amazing pictures in this thread. Congratulations everyone, you're doing great things in Planet Coaster!

    Kerfuffle, Zyned, InfiniteChaos, Tillietwos, Games4Tom, catty and 8bitjosh, all very nicely done. Those pictures all look great in their own ways. Thanks for sharing this with us on the forums!

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    Started a new project:
    Imagine that Netflix would open a theme park with all the same licenses as they stream?! Starting with it ^^

    Whenever Netflix will ever open a theme park, you read it here first :P

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    A small preview of the next episode in my Aurora Park series, the Cosmic Lounge!

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    Hey Folks!




    And what do you think?

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    @lilibat - That is such a head trip But absolutely stunning work on the build and lighting
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    Originally Posted by Jammy3112 View Post (Source)
    @lilibat - That is such a head trip But absolutely stunning work on the build and lighting
    It's so fun to ride through that chamber. When I finish that coaster I'll do a video. The whole thing is D&D themed so there is a lot going on.

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    Labyrinth coaster station peeking out and a vista of the Dark Elf city.

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