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    Originally Posted by BlastByte View Post (Source)
    Today I've been testing building using different angles and heights, it can be a bit tricky at the moment but really enjoying it!
    Nice building, I'm testing the building starting from the ticket ride entrance, if you look at my SS you just see the guy who take care of the entrance, but i turnet all entrance in a whole building!

    Did you do it with a multople buildings right?

    P.s. This game is almost endless, i reaaly enjoied playing it! Ican imagine how the "campaign will be!

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    Here is my second attempt at a park. My first was a bit odd as I was getting used to the controls!

    Can't wait for the full release when we have tons of objects to do even more with! This game is just beautiful!









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    This game makes it so easy for someone who isn't good at building to make some pretty nice looking structures. I never really made anything good in rct3, but this looks good if you ask me. I'm loving this game.

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    Just Finished the Planet Coaster...Coaster! Station building below, then with coaster.

    Outside queue area

    Inside queue area

    Complete with coaster

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    Here is one of my buildings (drink & food shop) in my pirate themed area:

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    my new little design for a chief beef stand
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    Originally Posted by killboy11 View Post (Source)
    Here i have some of my Park

    I dont know how to make the picture album show up here in the forums but here is the link to it.
    This looks very good. Also, here is something to take into account. Click the following pics for full resolution (you need full to understand)

    This is a picture from your album.

    I use this specifically since it has a low distance LOD level, as well as possible artifacting.

    Now look up close the actual quality the guys in Frontier have put in this:

    Here are three scenes from that picture, zoomed up, using a close neighbor algorithm to preserve all proto-information. In other words, no image manipulation takes place.

    Pay attention to how the LODs work to produce a picture approximation at distance without distortions. This thing can rival pixel art!

    And an album to make the case.

    Imgur Album

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    Wow that looks really good, some more pics please ?

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    This is a launch coaster that I'm making. Than I realised that we can't make a launch coaster.

    It looks better in the game. Than you can see little details everywhere.

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    Finished Park. I had to leave it here as no one was riding my rollercoaster anymore, it like they didnt even recognise they were there?

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    My new coaster, still very much a work in progress. Got loads more to do on it but the Kraken cave part is almost done, still needs more work though!

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    Found this one on reddit, listed as an "Alpine-themed station" . All props to the creator (Victorious_Swordfish)

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