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Thread: Have you ever experienced a break down during a ride?

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    Six Flags Great Adventure this past weekend...On Saturday, in line for Superman, it sent out empty train after empty train as they then announced it's down. On Sunday, El Toro stopped on the lift hill three trains before I could get on. If it had stopped with me on it, I might not have made it to the Amtrak station in Philadelphia in time to go home.

    Other than that, it was an excellent weekend.

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    Once a few years ago on the Mine Train Ride in Walibi Belgium. It stalled on the final brakerun and we where trapped for aprox 10 minutes. Nothing exciting really and not something to get upset about.

    The park however thought about this otherwise and we got a free fastpass on one ride of choice. So as the waiting line for the Loop-Garou was almost 1 hour we used it on that one.

    That's where my girlfriend lost her phone (fell out of her pocket) but we noticed this only about 30 mins later. Someone returned it to the customer service (as it should be) so in the end a good day!

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    Ride Breakdowns are attracted to me

    I think i have had not only a lot of breakdowns on rides, but they have been for very long periods of time.

    Rides that I have been stuck on:
    1. Test Track - Epcot - was stuck twice on the same vacation. One of the times I went on the ride in the solo cue, and I was about 14 so I had no parents nearby and was freaking out slightly. This lasted about a good thirty minutes.
    2. Harry Potter The Forbidden Journey - This was probably the worst shutdown situation possible. BTS this ride is a mechanical arm with seats on the end of it, similar to the robot arms used to make cars. This allows for intense angles and some that were slightly upside down. This only happens at one point in the ride, where a tree attacks you. It last for about a second, and the ride shut down at that position for an hour. Again, 15 or so and in the solo cue, so I'm with a bunch of strangers that I didn't know.
    3. Gringotts - Short Shutdown, only about 10 minutes, wasnt as bad.
    4. Carousel of Progress - The voice box broke on the robot and created a disturbing sound that was funny to watch. Sounded like the guy over the intercom in Spaceballs. This got worse as the ride didnt start rotating at a point and the music continued playing for way too long.
    5. At least 5 rollercoasters, I cannot remember which ones though but they went to busch gardens to multiple six flags.

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    once I went to Drayton Manor And Got Stuck On The Water Coaster Ride Thing. Worst Part it was tipping it down with rain and we were soaking wet. Waited about half an hour. I have also got stuck on a ghost train once and me and my friends were panicking so we started dancing to my music. (what is love) and we somehow got the ride to start going again!

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    One time at Canada's Wonderland we were stopped on the SkyRider for about 10 minutes.

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