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Thread: Have you ever experienced a break down during a ride?

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    Originally Posted by dantheginga View Post (Source)
    At SFMM I wanted to go on Superman before its update and so the launch was great and went up the tower. However on the way back it seemed to be carrying speed for a while and I was kinda wondering how much longer we had until the station. Just as I think that we come barreling through the station at probably about 40ish mph and end up in the emergency brake run behind the loading area. Took about 15 minutes for them to finally bring the car back to the station and let us out. Most interesting experience I've had on a roller coaster.
    Exact same thing happened to me the first time I got to ride this. I had just enough time to think "Why aren't we slowing down?" then WHACK! KA-CHUNK! I was glad I had my head against the head rest at the time... that would have been a hell of a bump.

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    Three that I remember...

    Willard's Whizzer at Six Flags Great America Santa Clara (long time ago, like 1981) E-stop for about ten minutes.

    Jet scream log ride at SFMM - all of the water suddenly drained out of the ride... the park manager himself came out to help push our log to the nearest exit.

    Superman the Escape - Magnetic break failure as others have explained on this thread. That used to happen quite a bit on that ride from what I understand. We were offered free tickets as compensation for that one, so I just showed them my season pass... they gave me a food voucher instead. It was enough for a nice lunch and even a churro!

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    thankfully i had just "longer run than usual" on various flat rides. i don't had the feel that anything broke, guess they were just happy to let the last few guests enjoy the final hour. beside the first imho the best hour of the day in a park.

    beside i just had various nightmares. not always funny, i can tell you.

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    Regretfully I experienced a park visit full of breakdowns today at SFDK...
    1 - Went to board "California's only Vekoma Boomerang" and they had to call the ride down because of a protien spill/vomit
    2 - Speaking of vomit, went to do the park's "Vomit Ring" (Larson looper) and that went down as soon as I sat down and locked myself in
    3 - blew through 40 minutes in line for Joker, 20 minutes of that 40 was waiting to see if it would reopen and eventually bailed
    4 - went to do Joker one more time for the day, which again went down as soon as we got seated.
    5 - not that we rode it but had witnessed their SLC "Kong" get stuck on the lift on 5 different occasions throughout the day.
    6 - Got lucky and their B&M floorless "Medusa" went down after we got off.
    7 - Had got in line for a broken Skyrocket II "Superman"...no communication that the ride was down, no closing off the queue...

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    Wasn't a serious thing but I was on Montu in Busch Gardens, Tampa when we got stopped on the chain lift right at the top. We were climbing, the train was clicking away as normal then it slowed down and started to fall backwards down the lift for a split second before it hit one of the "teeth" and jolted to a stop. Then a couple of members of staff had to climb up the stairs either side of the lift and re-check everyone's harness and belt clip thingy. That moment of rolling backwards was very un-nerving though!

    Then we started climbing again and rode the coaster as usual, and what an awesome coaster it is!

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    Six Flags Great Adventure this past weekend...On Saturday, in line for Superman, it sent out empty train after empty train as they then announced it's down. On Sunday, El Toro stopped on the lift hill three trains before I could get on. If it had stopped with me on it, I might not have made it to the Amtrak station in Philadelphia in time to go home.

    Other than that, it was an excellent weekend.

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    Once a few years ago on the Mine Train Ride in Walibi Belgium. It stalled on the final brakerun and we where trapped for aprox 10 minutes. Nothing exciting really and not something to get upset about.

    The park however thought about this otherwise and we got a free fastpass on one ride of choice. So as the waiting line for the Loop-Garou was almost 1 hour we used it on that one.

    That's where my girlfriend lost her phone (fell out of her pocket) but we noticed this only about 30 mins later. Someone returned it to the customer service (as it should be) so in the end a good day!

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