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    Your work is incredible! Especially the way that you use the scenery items from different themes to pull this all together
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    THX - I wish I had all the Spooky stuff when I did this land to add some more variety with the windows/doors/etc. I went with this look and feel for Naboo because of what I had to work with as far as scenery goes.

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    Originally Posted by wowman View Post (Source)
    Also by George Lucas.
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    Just wow (man). You really went to a different level with the Naboo area. It is crazy good, it looks fantastic and well designed.

    My only "but" would be the size of the Naboo fighter, it looks massive (kind of the main reason I started building the ships myself instead of using the blueprints in the workshop), but other than that, I feel you are building a magnificent park!

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    Time for more detailed stills.
    This is the area around Lower Naboo...the load station for the underwater track ride.

    Outside exit area of the load station

    More of this area

    looking the opposite direction now

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    here is the main entrance to this land from the Dagobah part of the park. this entrance-way has a few shops and restaurants along each side.

    Here are a few of those shops

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    Some more shots of lower Naboo

    looking down the main promenade

    A shady park area

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    Continuing down the main walkway around the lake...

    A food court/building area

    flat ride queue and building

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    this is one of my favorite areas in lower Naboo. its a nice little half circle court area. there are food vendors and flat rides as well as a few exits to other lands.

    there is an upper level that the guest like going up to get water. its cool to see guest walking up on the upper level.

    Entering one of the food court areas. This was actually my first use of billboards when they originally came out.

    Inside the food court

    the upper level walkway

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    Absolutely terrible FPS....running normal...I'm down to like 8-11 on average. When building, which is what I do mostly...its not to bad to tolerate...and I build a lot while paused

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    Some more random shots of lower Naboo.
    Looking across the lake at sunrise.

    Next we will be moving up through middle Naboo as we make the way tp upper Naboo

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    Heading up through middle have to enter the Grand Staircase, one of the ways to upper Naboo. A less strenuous route would be to take the monorail.
    Here is the entrance to the Grand Staircase

    Another angle

    Not a lot of theme in the stairwell itself, but just enough to keep guests happy as they trudge up the stairs.

    You are rewarded about half-way with an open air glass covered atrium where you can catch a quick ride on a flat ride.

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    So beautiful! All the details, the cupolas, the colors...

    As for the framerate problem, what are your computer specs and your graphic config? Disable any anti-aliasing and reflection, and lower the shadows, I find that's the most consuming thing. Also, how many guests are there in the park? Maybe you could try limiting the number or even closing the park until it's done.

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    I can dig my specs up, but I believe they are pretty good overall. My biggest issue is the park is so huge and has so much stuff in it. I typically have about 800 guests in the park when I'm working on it and bump it up for when I take photos and videos to it actually looks like there are guests in the park. I also save the park for each section and delete everything except the area I'm working on for the videos as that helps greatly (and I record at 1/5 the speed to get better videos) I do mess with the settings as well when I feel the need.

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    It looks absolutely stunning, great work!

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