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    These are some of the pics I like best from this ride. AS you slide down a long slope into the guts of the frozen caverns, you go past a few scenes as you will see below. These were done with carefully placed billboards and matching the color and lighting as best I could. I really think all these scenes look as thou they are really built scenery and not billboards.

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    Dude this is awesome These Caves cry out for a Wampa Beast
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    as you get to the bottom of the see Luke in a very hairy situation...

    And then from nowhere a Wampa roars and catches you off guard.

    You make the ascent out of the caverns and head into the ice canyon rapids

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    Looking down into the ice canyon

    Some icy cold rapids

    the ascent out of the canyon

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    And...a gentile glide back into the station

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    I take it you've got a video screen for the Wampa?
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    Its a still. The videos were dragging down an already terrible frame rate I get in this park.

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    Here are a couple night time shots of the interior of the you can see the lighting scheme better.

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    here are some photos of outdoor parts of the ride at night
    Leaving the station

    Headed around the crashed snow speeder

    And into the caverns

    This whole area from above

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    Some last shots of the rest of the outside part of this ride at night.
    First the are when you leave the caverns and head to the ice rapids

    Making your way through the ice rapids

    And heading back into the station after everything calms down

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    First video of this ride will be an overhead view tracking the raft through the full ride.

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    Went to Disney Hollywood Studios yesterday...and I have to say...the new land being built looks very impressive. Also, seeing the part of the miniature model of the looks even better in person...the details is awesome.

    And here is a day time ride on the raft

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    LOVE it! The lighting in the ice caves is perfect.

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    Oh thanks for that!!! I missed the Wampa on the previous video. REally cool!

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    And one last video of this ride at night

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    And finally - -we will wrap up Hoth with a recap video. Enjoy.
    Next we will move over to Tatooine/Jakku

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    Here is this land on the workshop. It was added to the collection of the other lands we have explored already. There are also other select buildings from this land out there as well.

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