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    more of this area as we head towards the cantina area

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    This looks so much like the movies it's freaky. Excellent!
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    A little behind the scenes magic. Here is what the cantina looks like when I first started building it. I dug a hole under the monorail station and start bay placing walls and figuring out the general layout. Then I add the details and build the ground around it as needed.

    and here is what the entrance looks like after its all completed

    outside the entrance looking down the pathway

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    Is there a dead bounty hunter with a smoking hole in his back slumped over a table?
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    Sneak peak - - working on finishing up the next land...Galaxy's Edge (Batuu) inspired by the new land going in at the Disney parks.

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    Couple more interior shots of the cantina

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    I like how the lighting makes King Coaster look like a droid
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    Back outside. This walkway (feeding into the stadium entrance that you see) proved to be a bottleneck when there were lots of guests in the park. So I came up with an 'off-grid' solution of sorts. See the next photo for an explanation.
    Also, I created this alien looking tree on the right side of this shot.

    So in this shot, you can see the backstage area walkway I created to alleviate the crowd bottleneck. If you look up towards the upper center, you can see the darker red pathway area from the previous shot. What I did is create a pathway from the back bathroom hallway of the Cantina (cantina is boxed out in yellow)...along the edge of the park (dashed line) and covered it in a hallway. I added a few generic shops and bathrooms along the walkway to lure guest this way. This now gave guest an alternate way to get the the stadium area
    and eliminated the bottlenecks I was seeing. this also lured guests into the cantina, even if it was just to be walking through to get to the backstage walkway.

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    Couple more shots around around this area

    The entrance tunnel to the Pod Racer stadium area

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    Before we head into the stadium area...a few night shots of this area.
    Overhead of the whole land.

    The Falcon


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    Originally Posted by wowman View Post (Source)
    walking around at night
    This whole park makes me think of this:
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