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    Next to Avalanche is Snow Fall...a drop tower. The queue area is kind of shared with Avalanche, just on the other side of the rock wall.

    another view

    looking down from the tower at night

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    Next flat ride is the Snow Speeders...I know the ride better as the Orbit.
    The queue line goes along the main walkway and this one also has a fast pass line which is very popular.

    Both queues pass through a maintenance like building

    and they come back together under the shadow of a AT-AT before loading onto the ride

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    here is the actual ride area

    at night

    the queue area at night

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    Next we have the Hoth Ice Sliders (i'm terrible at ride names) which is the classic Scrambler, or Scizzer (or whatever its called in this game). Here is the queue that pass under cover of the back side of a pizza restaurant building.

    looking back the other direction

    the ride and surrounding area

    at night

    I love this shot of both these flats from above

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    Last flat ride of this land. Its tucked way back in a corner. You have to go through the ice cave base to get to the queue line.

    Ground level view looking down the queue and exit paths

    at night

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    Before we move onto the E-Ticket rides in this land...thought I would share a few tilt-shift shots. I really still don't think I'm that great at these type of shots, but if anything these are some cool drone-like shots of this land.

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    Now lets take a closer look at the coaster in this land...Escape from Hoth.
    Here is the entrance of the queue line and also the exit path on the left.

    Inside the queue building

    there is a skylight in the roof of this part of the queue

    In the station

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    Great theming. Using ground as a roof is not a bad idea at all, i like it. Keep up the grreat work!

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    The main lift and drop

    Shoot through a rock tunnel

    Up and around a double loop

    I also want to point out that this coaster layout was one of the in game built coasters from the game blueprints. I just dressed it up a bit.

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    Then you head over a couple of humps

    Couple of helix turns to slow down

    where you enter back into the station

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    Here is an over video of the track layout

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    And finally a night time ride

    Sorry about the long wait time after the load...I thought I edited that out

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    Moving onto the Hoth Frozen River Run...raft ride.
    Here is the beginning of the queue inside the ice cave base station.

    More queue

    even more

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    Hmm.... a river ride on Hoth? This should be interesting. The queue is humbling to see; well done, sir.
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    I was wondering if I would get called out on that. I was going to add steam and call it hot springs river run...but decided to just go with it as is.

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    Now for the ride:
    This is the first third of the ride which takes place outside. You leave the station and slide down a hill to pass under the walkway and log bridge.

    Climb back up to ground level...

    Pass by a downed snow speeder

    And head for the frozen caverns

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