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    Moving onto a new land. Here you can see the overall layout of the park so far.

    And an overview of the new land of Tatooine/Jakku.

    Here is where everything is in this land:
    Pink is the monorail station and track
    Green are all the flat rides (Light green is the queue ares of the flats)
    Yellow are the bathrooms, food stalls, shops, etc.
    Red is the track of the Pod Racers coaster
    Blue is the track of the Pod Racers Jr. coaster

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    Here is a walk through video of part of this land. Also, want to give a shout out to all the blueprints used in this land. Let me know if I missed giving you credit.
    Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer by elekvault
    Star Wars - Tatooine Building by
    Star Wars - Tatooine Marketplace by
    Star Wars - Moisture Vaporator by
    Tatooine ATM and Info by
    Tatooine Double and Toilet by
    Tatooine Lamp by
    Mos Eisley - Moisture Vaporator by Yado
    Mos Eisley - Small Round House by Yado
    Mos Eisley - Small Square House by Yado
    Parts from Mos Eisley Cantina by
    Anakins Podracer Star Wars by
    Mini Space Ship by
    Star wars rancor cave psychola ride skin by
    Sci-Fi lamp by
    Parts from Star Wars Igloo Shops + Speeder by

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