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    more of the upper river area

    entire Naboo area

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    Played around with tilt-shift a little bit. Not sure if I'm really getting the effect that well, but decided to share a few captures anyway.

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    THX for all the comments!
    A few more tilt-shift experiment shots and then I will move on to take a closer look at some of the rides in this land.

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    It looks awesome! I just love that dome with all details and surroundings.
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    THX! I haven't posted in a couple days. Been at WDW having fun at Mickey's Birthday!
    Here is a better look at the double level carousel.
    Here is the outer skin and the queue line.

    A bit closer

    From ground level

    inside the queue/exit building for the upper level


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    Next we have the Naboo Eye. Here is the entrance to the queue from the upper park area.

    Inside the queue meanders through some palace hallways

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