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    here is half way up where you can get in line for the flat ride

    At the top you enter the Grand Hallway where you can continue on or catch a view out one of the open archways.

    A more vista type shot of this part of the park

    Heading back down a bit to the monorail station

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    moving into the monorail station. I have to say this is probably one of the better interiors I have done to date.
    Boards show departure times. I know I have posted a couple of these photos earlier, but want to show them in context with the rest of this land.

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    Here is an overview shoot of upper (and lower) Naboo

    Upper central park area. this is where you exit the Grand Hallway into upper Naboo. Places to eat, etc.

    More - these are also used as a frontage set to hide the monorail building behind all this

    Bird's eye view of this park area

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    All those buildings are amazing, but the monorail station is a piece of art!!! I like that atmosphere with the large, high hall. Amazingly beautiful wall art and great usage of the red fairytale lamps... The billboards are extremely cool, with the destinations on it, so lively... Fantastic work!!!
    A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop

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