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    Lullibert's Planet Coaster Workshop

    Hello Community,

    I am relatively new to the workshop thingy and I just thought it is a good idea to promote my creations a little bit by making a thread here. I already did a few things with planet coaster and will only introduce my last three items that I put in the workshop. For all previous creations please check out my workshop at

    I also have a huge park in the workshop which is almost done. It is at the beginning (end) of my workshop and is called Lulliworld. I almost worked for 200 hours on it so far.

    From now on I will introduce all my new creations here in this thread , but for the beginning here are my last three creations:

    Spooky Scenery (Stake, Gallows) -

    This is a spooky scenery with gallows, pillories on a platform and a stake to burn witches. It all comes with some plants and full lighting.

    Tunnel Set 2 -

    This is a tunnel set with full lighting for 8 meters wide pathes. You can stick the tunnel parts just together and make the tunnel as long as you want.

    Medieval Arena Set -

    This is a medieval arena set. It comes with four buildings. It has stands for the plebs, a terrace for the king and his entourage, a corner watchtower and an entrance building. You only need these four buildings to build a cool arena in just a few minutes. The arena shown on the screenshots was built in only 5 minutes (planting trees and bushes including).

    I hope you liked what you just saw and will visit my workshop.

    And lastly an early screenshot of the project that I am working on at the moment. It is something like a hotel complex.



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    Hi Lullibert,

    very nice scenery and beautiful decorated!
    Keep on the great work!
    Early Bird ● CHC
    steam workshop:


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    Originally Posted by Flamingjune View Post (Source)
    Oooh a medieval jousting arena. Yay!
    Agree - Really like the jousting arena! Well done - Will visit tonight and download and give it a thumbs up too!

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    Lulibert my love, I have found you! I actually already downloaded some of the scenery without realising it was you! Great work, all looks fantastico.

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    Hello Community,

    thank you all for your positive responses. I really appreciate it.

    While I am still working on my modern hotel complex I created something small for the workshop in the meantime. I hope you like it.

    Modern Info Sign -

    And lastly two new screenshots of my Modern Hotel Complex which isn't done yet.



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    Planet Coaster Ambassador JoŽl's Avatar
    Awesome ideas! I really like the arena building, would be perfect for a park show! Also the hotel and swimming pool are well thought of. Nice job Lullibert.

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    Hello Community,

    I did it.

    I decided not to wait and decided not to split everything down to 10 different blueprints and pusblished my modern hotel complex as a map/park.

    I guess if someone really wants this in his own park he/she will be able to split it up somehow. Maybe I will republish this as blueprints after the next patch if the limit of items per blueprint will be increased eventually.

    Modern Hotel Complex -

    I also published the pool as three blueprints in the workshop. I won't post screens of it, because it is part of the Modern Hotel Complex, but here are the links to it:

    [B]Modern Pool Set (Part 1 of 3) - Main Part[B] -
    Modern Pool Set (Part 2 of 3) - Accessories Part 1 -
    Modern Pool Set (Part 3 of 3) - Accessories Part 2 -



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    Really cool hotel and amazing scenery!!

    Good job!
    Early Bird ● CHC
    steam workshop:


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    Planet Coaster Ambassador JoŽl's Avatar
    Hold it! This is only Alpha 3 of Planet Coaster...

    Stunning job. I'm blown away by the original ideas that you've created in the game.

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    Lullibert, I volunteer to insert myself into the virtual realm and stay at your hotel. Just to test it out. Nice job.

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    Hello Community,

    my Planet Coaster Workshop is up again. Almost all blueprints from the Alpha 3 are ready to get downloaded again. Here is the new adress to my workshop.

    I already did a few new things during the beta. Here are the results.

    Modern Geometric Penguin Statue -

    This is Karl, the penguin. Be nice to Karl. He does not need much. Just give Karl a few herrings and a little hug per day to make him very happy.

    Sci-Fi Robot Statue -

    This is Kurt, the Robot. Kurt is strong and his favourite snack are lug nuts. If he does not get enough lug nuts, he will get unhappy. And I promise you, you really don't want an angry Kurt, the Robot in your park. He could easily trample down all your rides. So you better always keep an eye on Kurt.

    I am also working on a new Sci-Fi Park Entrance. It is almost done and will be published in one or two days.



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    Hello Community,

    today I published this. I hope you like it.

    Little Lulli (Sci-Fi Kids Coaster with Station Building and Scenery) -



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    Hello Community,

    I made these. Hope you like them.

    Modern Geometric Panda Statue -

    Sci-Fi Shops Building (6 Shops, Landing Pad and Spaceship) -



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    Hi Community,

    today I built this.

    Sci-Fi Shops Building 2 (4 Shops, 2 Info Kiosks and Scenery) -

    This is a sci-fi-ish building with 4 shops (Monsieur Frites, Street Fox Coffee, Just A Momento and Looney Bloons) and 2 info kiosks. This building has 3 huge energy generators that support enough energy for your whole park. At one side of the complex is a basin for the cooling water after it passed the generators. Since the water is warm plants took control over the basin, most likely. The whole scenery is fully illuminated.



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