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  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 8:36 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    From experience, even Cities Skylines suffers large FPS drops if you use high poly content and have a lot of content and buildings present. Shane
  • Kerfuffle's Avatar
    Today, 8:07 PM with 0 replies | 0 view(s)
    Severity Minor Frequency Most of the time Area of Game Affected Coasters Description
  • Captainjelle's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 PM with 31 replies | 973 view(s)
    I may be not your most ideal costumer... Cause i complain and nag a lot, and am very impatient at times. But i cant explain how happy i am with you guy's and with this game! That's also because my English is not so best. But i wish everyone a happy anniversary! You guy's rock!
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    Cities Skyline sure is close. Point is just that there are similar games like PC that run very nicely. Cobra has been an issue since RCT3, it's a poorly optimized engine, simple as that.
  • NickEast's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    As I suspected you would say. Those games are not even close in comparison. And except Parkitect, none of those games are the same genre. And Parkitect does not have the same graphical fidelity or simulation quality as PC, not even close.
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    Minecraft - does not have 10,000 guests walking around deciding what to eat Parkitect - only has isometric view and low polygon objects Cities Skyline - no first person view, only isometric Sim City - no first person view, only isometric The Sims - only has the ability to show a few dozen people on screen at once
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 7:05 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    Cities Skyline, Minecraft, Sim City, Parkitect, The Sims, etc, etc
  • widlanquebec's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 PM with 0 replies | 32 view(s)
    Hello everyone, I've a strange question, but after watching the scenario editor livestream, I ask myself: what is exactly the use and impact of ride inspection? I'll explain my question. We can choose between 10 or 30 minutes of ride inspection for example. Probably that it impacts the reliability and number of breakdown, so I always put this to 10 minutes. But what is the impact of not having enough mechanics to inspect the ride every 10 minutes. It doesn't seem to impact something to be late for a ride inspection. After watching scenario livestream, there's no parameter for ride breakdown except low, medium or high breakdown. There's no slider that seems to take ride inspection time into account. For vandalism tab, there's a slider where it takes into account guests happiness. But, for rides breakdown, this in only low, medium or high. I thought that it will have a slider ride inspection time with a time value that will impact ride breakdown. You choose for example 20 minutes threshold, and after this, the ride breakdown will be high, so if you want to prevent ride breakdown, you should have inspection below 20 minutes, else the ride breakdown possibility is high. But there's no slider at all with threshold. So, how exactly does it works and how ride inspection time impact ride breakdowns? Thanks for your feedback. Have a nice day.
  • widlanquebec's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 PM with 31 replies | 973 view(s)
    Happy anniversary. Thanks for your dedication and hard work for this game.
  • Vanamerax's Avatar
    Today, 6:00 PM with 15 replies | 303 view(s)
    I honestly was a bit disappointed that we couldn't change the costs of advertising campaigns and research. Don't get me wrong, the scenario editor contains a lot of awesome features, but there are some improvements that can still be done. I liked that we had a wider range of loans we can soon enable/disable, but I am missing a way to define one myself. The marketing campaigns can be enabled/disabled and the cost is even displayed next to it, why not make it editable? Same for research, at least give us a way to change a modifier for research cost and research time for the coaster/flatride/shop/theming categories. Like I said, it's almost there, but I can still see myself craving for some extra options
  • Chems's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 PM with 31 replies | 973 view(s)
    Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see what the next year will bring to Planet Coaster!
  • Chems's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    What other games with the graphical quality of PC and allows you to place as many objects in a single map that doesnt have this much issues with optimizations and FPS drops are you speaking of?
  • NickEast's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    So, are there other games in which you can build almost whatever you want using dozens/hundreds of different pieces, on different grids, and with hundreds of guests being (semi-)simulated, plus (semi-)physics simulation for a dozen coasters? Including real-time reflections, global illumination and day-night cycle? RCT3 had the same problem because it's closer to PC than any other game in terms of those features. If you say Minecraft or Space Engineers, those games use voxel cubes to build things, which are then merged. They also don't have a lot of AI (or any) and limited physics. Otherwise, SE has the same issues with lag as PC. If you say Cities Skylines, all assets are optimised and the simulation is not even close to PC. Yet, with a high enough population and large enough city, the FPS also decreases rapidly. Even if it's a limitation of the engine, how would you solve it? There is no other game engine out there that can do this better. If Frontier decides to develop a new engine specifically for PC2, it can probably take another ten years before the game is finished to make it exactly as everyone expects now (it's rare that all expectations are met when it takes that long).
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 5:21 PM with 244 replies | 28472 view(s)
    WT??? HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?!? %100 queue scenery, good -- d'ya mind telling us the ride sequence? Any triggered effects? Your recommendations? (Sorry for the off-topic, but I really like Whirly Rig, and it's been frustrating.)
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 4:57 PM with 15 replies | 303 view(s)
    Yep, both are important to have in the scenario editor.
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 4:52 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    This is what I'm wondering, are all the devs' dedicated optimization efforts futile because Cobra itself is the problem and Frontier's committed to Cobra? Probably doesn't help with PlanCo, but might with PlanCo2 if they face it in time.
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 3:55 PM with 51 replies | 1308 view(s)
    My point exactly. A lot of things are possible in this game, building a super detailed replica of the death star is possible, but things like that are expected to be difficult and tedious to do. Laying down a simple path should not be. The system is frustrating, non-intuitive, bugged out in a lot of ways, and just pretty bad overall.
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 PM with 1 replies | 59 view(s)
    This has been requested a few times, unfortunately it doesnt seem to be very important
  • Vanessa913's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 PM with 10 replies | 342 view(s)
    It might be a little too soon for an update around Christmas, but winter is three months long (sometimes the weather lasts a lot longer) so there is still time. I personally would love an update around New Years with props from different cultures. I would love to recreate some parks I have seen when I lived in China.
  • Funrir_Woulfe's Avatar
    Today, 3:38 PM with 10 replies | 342 view(s)
    The talk seems to be smaller updates after 1.4 - so like instead of 1 big update every few months smaller updates, possibly every month ? Like Cities Skylines, and I hope that doesn't mean a ton of DLC stuff, I hope it means the game will see more updates in a shorter time span then Quarterly ( 4 times a year ) Yea I won't mind cheap DLCs every now & then, but if they are going to do more updates I'd rather they fix things / add content we don't have to pay for, more updates mean get faster content instead of waiting for spring to roll around, summer to roll around, fall to roll around, winter to roll around. Granted this is how it should be all the way to version 2.0 ( that should be the next big update )
  • danijami23's Avatar
    Today, 3:20 PM with 4 replies | 221 view(s)
    Interesting, I must've missed that. I know that sometimes ideas sound lot better on paper than in reality, but right now there aren't really any tangible reasons to have a meticulously clean park, or keep the crime super low, for example. You can have a fairly decent amount of it going on in your park and you'll still continue to turn a very tidy profit. That said, handing financial balancing over to the players could arguably solve that.
  • PlanetChris's Avatar
    Today, 3:15 PM with 1 replies | 39 view(s)
    Hey dan79w, It think it could be helpful to see your DxDiag to see the specs of you computer/laptop. :) (Maybe some of your drivers are outdated). Here is a tutorial how to create/send your DxDiag: Click here
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 3:12 PM with 15 replies | 303 view(s)
    I'd really like to be able to modify both the Price of every item, as well as the Prestige for rides
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 PM with 4 replies | 221 view(s)
    The most important feature currently missing from the scenario editor is the ability to use a map wide grid to set the park border, or building restrictions. Currently, we can set the park border to be big/small, long/thin or short/wide, but we can not make an L shape, or a zigag, or a circle, or any other shapes besides rectangles. I want to be able to set one part of the park with locked terrain, but not the entire park. And I want to be able to set land as "for sale" and requires purchasing. Its the oddly shaped parks that I miss from RCT1 because they felt more like a puzzle
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 3:04 PM with 51 replies | 1308 view(s)
    So, in order to create an inclined path that lines up with terrain, I have to first make the path, then the terrain, then erase the path, smooth the terrain, and rebuild the path?? And everybody is saying that its easy and the best we can hope for?? It takes long enough doing it once, and it would be a lot less time consuming if it was improved. Planet Coaster is a very tedious and time consuming game, and it would be great if its various features worked in simpler ways, especially when it comes to terrain. I dont mind paths so much, but its the terrain that needs fixing. We need a terrain "snap-to-angle" feature that can be used to line up with paths, or an auto "mold terrain to path". And I also wish we could raise terrain in cubes with a grid like we could in RCT, because it would allow for making dark rides much easier. The terrain is my least favorite aspect of this game, and everytime I open up a new park and think about how I want to build, I usually start by creating some mountains, but I spend 10 minutes creating a few simple hills and I start losing my mind thinking about how people create the things they do in this game Sure, it is possible to create amazing looking stuff if you have the patience, but for a casual player when it takes an hour to build a simple path up a hill (or longer for beginners), they wont care to keep playing. And the game should take precedence in being accessible to all player types, not just the meticulous players. Even...
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 2:59 PM with 49 replies | 1727 view(s)
    This has to be a limitation of the Cobra engine itself? Other games in similar genres don't have this much of an issue with optimizations and FPS drops. We also had similar issues with RCT3 using the same engine. Thanks for answering the question though!
  • SymphonyX's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 PM with 2 replies | 90 view(s)
    Many of us brought this up during Alpha and Frontier would not even acknowledge the issue...
  • Fisherman's Avatar
    Today, 1:48 PM with 20 replies | 1013 view(s)
    thumbs up from me! I'm off for the whole week this week...anxiously waiting...
  • ManiaMuse's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM with 4 replies | 221 view(s)
    I'm pretty sure they mentioned in one of the streams at some point that they had considered VIP guests but couldn't work out how to make it fun It was definitely one of the weakest features of RCT3 (i.e buggy and frustrating as hell, remember the La La Land scenario?)
  • MR.sugar's Avatar
    Today, 1:03 PM with 2 replies | 90 view(s)
    Yes and this is not the only problem. I think pre-made pieces and elements should be revised by devs.
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