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    wtwa24 started a thread Atm Path in Suggestions and Ideas
    I’m not sure if this would effect the ATM machines people already have in their parks but it would be nice if they changed the ATM to have the same sized path as the vending machines/small attractions. And while on the subject of paths I wish they would include the same path textures on all the regular path and the que paths and a natural que option
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    great trailer and great looking ride
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    Well I had the question read out on the stream and Bo wrote it down so hoping it might come within one of the next updates thanks guys 😬😬
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    Its not curved. ^ the pieces I was referring to in the base game
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    I don't know how I feel about a King Globe but we were truly robbed of this incredible clown skin,
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    Today, 1:16 AM with 2 replies | 6 view(s)
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have moved this thread to the Suggestions Forum.
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    Hayo, Since 3 or 4 days i have a problem placing scenery , blueprints etc. Normally when i want to place something i use shift and can place any item exactly where i want them to, but since a few days i cant anymore. If i want to use advanced mode its like there is a grid, so the object i want to place jumps up (or down) a grid i cannot control, its like i can only place things with a margin of 0.5. So i thought, ok, i will raise the grondlevel to the desired height, but this also doesnt work and it will use this grid. Its very frustrating and stopped playing because of it. I didnt change any of my settings so i have no clue how to solve this, hope you can help me
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    Today, 1:06 AM with 2 replies | 6 view(s)
    I thought with the new Worlds Fair DLC we would have some reskins for King Coaster to look like Earth or some other planet, maybe even give him a re-colorable flag to carry? I know recoloring mascots isnt possible but he still looks like a baseball to me With the new Thememakers Toolkit on the way I really hope to see some more entertainers added, might help to add value to the older DLCs of course it would be even more amazing if we can create entertainers using the TT
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    Today, 12:33 AM with 26 replies | 3852 view(s)
    I really like your park and the story line behind it. Keep up the great work.
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    Today, 12:28 AM with 26 replies | 2857 view(s)
    October 17th 2018 Hello All It is now the off season here at Charleston Gardens Amusement Park. The park is only open on weekends now until the end of October. Our annual Pumpkin and Food Festival is going on now until October 28th. As you all know our river rapids ride was removed at the end of the regular season. As you can see the land where it once stood has been cleared. This is known as Project 2020. I wonder what can be coming to this corner of the park. A announcement will be made soon on what is coming. Also our new section for 2019 Old Charleston is coming along. We should be starting construction on our wooden flying turns coaster called Crazy Planes next week. Ryan K VP & Director of Thrill Rides Charleston Gardens Amusement Park
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    Yesterday, 11:57 PM with 3 replies | 485 view(s)
    another contest? just curious but has any of the winners in the last one got their poster yet, I didn't
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    Yesterday, 11:56 PM with 26 replies | 3852 view(s)
    1999-2000 When The Weapon opened in May of 2000, it was a rousing success that quickly became one of the most popular flat rides at the park!
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    Yesterday, 11:55 PM with 73 replies | 7533 view(s)
    Of course there's a 4m slope Chinese roof. And a 3m (which is a new thing) and a 2m. It just doesn't have a 1m, but neither do many other sets. You give up too easy. Look harder.
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    Yesterday, 11:53 PM with 3 replies | 189 view(s)
    Probably so you can view and download blueprints from people who do...
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    Yesterday, 10:46 PM with 0 replies | 7 view(s)
    I'm not sure if I need to make a support ticket or not (I probably should); but there seems to be an issue where the game hard freezes while editing a coaster that is set to lapping mode (although, I can't be certain, I've heard people were having freezes while editing segments on the Polarity). I've talked with some of my friends and they seem to be having the same issue. I've had the freeze four times so far; with two different types of coasters. All four times it was set to lap mode and it froze while editing a segment (Same thing happened with my friends) Once was when I was trying to rotate a segment, two times while I was changing the track segment type, and the fourth I was either smoothing the segment or I was changing the segment's settings (Launch speed, etc. I don't remember exactly what I was doing the fourth time). I'm fairly certain I had the ride in test mode all four times (I know at least 3 out of 4 times it was. I did not ask my friends if they had it in testing mode). I've built with other coasters and in test mode since this update, but the issue only seems to be happening while editing track segments of lapping coasters while they are in test mode. The worst part is the freezing is so bad, I'm afraid my crash reports aren't being sent through. It just continues to cycle "Uploading...". I even let it sit for 10-15 minutes and it was still cycling the "Uploading..." line.
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    Yesterday, 10:23 PM with 1 replies | 62 view(s)
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    Yesterday, 10:15 PM with 0 replies | 22 view(s)
    madman started a thread [1.8.0] Buildings in Bug Reports
    Severity Minor Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Buildings Description
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    Yesterday, 10:14 PM with 73 replies | 7533 view(s)
    The music in this pack is phenomenal.
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    Yesterday, 9:54 PM with 1 replies | 62 view(s)
    Dear lovely people, First of all, many thanks for the latest update and the stream tonight. It was wonderful to see all the creations and felt flattered also my Royal Diner has been shown. Many suggestions came in the chat, and I've personally been dreaming since RCT3 for this suggestion and hope you all will take a serious look at it. Whenever I create a park, the crowd control is a big part of the game. How do you get more people move over to the next area; Why is no one riding that particular ride; Is this shop cost-effective, why (not); etc.?
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    Yesterday, 9:13 PM with 2 replies | 47 view(s)
    yes, that is exactly what I mean. We need these attractions to build a realistic theme park, maybe next year? ;)
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    Yesterday, 9:06 PM with 2 replies | 58 view(s)
    Zandy replied to a thread Snowy roof? in Suggestions and Ideas
    Hi Mez, I aware of that. Still it takes agees so fill them up and you can always see the edges. Real icicles would be great to, the creem doesn't look like snow.
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    Yesterday, 8:47 PM with 2 replies | 47 view(s)
    You're not alone with this opinion! That's what I'm missing, too. Also, some junior/kiddie flat rides.
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    Yesterday, 8:28 PM with 223 replies | 33208 view(s)
    So....the theme maker's tool kit....anyone out there doing "water" themed stuff?.....Hawaiian, Polynesian, waterpark themed scenery pieces, animatronics? Just curious for those of us who love water, ;)
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    Yesterday, 8:15 PM with 0 replies | 3 view(s)
    Mz91 started a thread [1.8.0] Lights starts flicker with pixels in Bug Reports
    Severity Minor Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Scenery Description
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    Yesterday, 8:01 PM with 12 replies | 1126 view(s)
    Thanks to the new game update, you can now enjoy the following restaurants in the park Walt's Colonel Hathi Pizza Outpost Pizzeria Bella Notte The Lucky Nugget Agrabah Cafe Blue Lagoon Restaurant
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    Yesterday, 8:00 PM with 2 replies | 47 view(s)
    What I really miss in the game from the beginning, are small attractions such as a slide and trampoline etc. I hope that we will get them in the game next year!
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    Yesterday, 7:26 PM with 4 replies | 92 view(s)
    That would seroiusly be amazing and make darkrides a lot better
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