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  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM with 2 replies | 59 view(s)
    heatherg23 replied to a thread Yellow Screen ???? in Tech Support
    There's a Saturate Filter within the list of Filters, like Luuknoord mentioned. It turned my park yellow. same one in your photo. Looks idential to mine. Maybe it could be that. Heather
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 AM with 1 replies | 10 view(s)
    Moved this post to the Suggestion and Ideas Forum Heather
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 3:46 AM with 0 replies | 7 view(s)
    Why do they work on projects in secret without telling us that something new is coming? They wait until a week before release and leave us hanging in the meantime. Then they torture us by only revealing one new ride a day.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 2:50 AM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    I canít wait for tomorrow and Friday. Those rides better be good. The space shot type ride was on my request list as well as the grand carousel. In the future I want a sports cars tracked ride and a giant flume, a Gravitron, a swinging inverted ship like the one in RCT3, it looks like a Huss Ranger.
  • Kenepo4u's Avatar
    Today, 1:56 AM with 1 replies | 10 view(s)
    For Planet Coaster's 5th anniversary, can Frontier create a Planet Coaster game that has the grid-based mechanics of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon games, as well as that of Parkitect? The game will be called "Planet Coaster Retro" and, to fit with the retro-styled gameplay, will have a pixel art style as well as chiptune versions of the music heard in the game.
  • JoŽl's Avatar
    Today, 1:14 AM with 1 replies | 60 view(s)
    Hello Sam230498, Thanks for the suggestion! However, I would like to ask you to not start duplicate threads about the same or similar rides. Please continue this discussion in your other thread here: This is a duplicate thread and therefore I'm closing this one.
  • SoapyIllusion's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:54 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Anyone know Sams favorite foods? Im not above bribery ;)
  • hos's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM with 482 replies | 113444 view(s)
    it could have to do with the name of the game that some players (incl. myself) have expected that the main focus of the game are the rollercoasters - with the approach for the best possible experience for constructing and simulating the ride. no matter if the peeps look cartoonish or whatever. they could look like linerider boy and still i'd expect a better performance if a game gives me tools for smoothing the track. don't get me wrong - i like the overall game design, other rides, the additional park features and the lovely audio tracks - but my main reason to buy this game was building coasters and additional scenery, the adrenalin part.
  • kirbydude47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35 PM with 0 replies | 24 view(s)
    I'm trying to make different glass walls and I'm using Google Sketchup to make them and then import it to blender, I never actually used blender before so what do I need to import from sketchup and and what do I do in blender, have no idea what to do in blender and how to make the glass walls accepted by the game. I tried to submit it but it got reject it, I know I did something wrong.
  • spoonetti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM with 2 replies | 132 view(s)
    spoonetti replied to a thread Arti's items in Completed Items
    I absolutely agree with Luuknoord's opinion! Thump up for your great work! ;)
  • madman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM with 0 replies | 49 view(s)
    During the live stream today they said the had a FIX for the the problems with performance and things the tool kit caused. So can someone tell me after all the money and time I have put in this game and have NOT Been Able to play it for the last two weeks because for those issues that me or any of us should have to wait another week for it to be playable and fixed. This fix should not be delayed as it effects a lot of people.
  • Zandy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:13 PM with 3 replies | 565 view(s)
  • Kombiice's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:08 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Very nice stream! Spoiler Sam's been very close to telling something he shouldn't tell, several times, today
  • Schwarzkopf's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:07 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    So super excited to see we're getting a Schwarzkopf coaster. Definitely was my #1 "most wanted"! I haven't followed the entire forum, but will this come with the different track that was available? I think there were 3: flat track, box-track and the final 3 tube w/backbone. Any which way, it will be great. So happy! The other rides look great too
  • Periocus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:46 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Really good to seperate the wall from the New/Magic Dance ride and make it custom at the same time. So one can not only use it at this ride, but also on others where the radius fits, at least when the wall is not smaller.
  • Aposine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:45 PM with 482 replies | 113444 view(s)
    I havent even played the game for two years now.Im occasionally reminded of it,of course,and its frustrating. This is a huge issue to some people because its a textbook "so close and yet so far" kind of thing.Its profoundly annoying to have a tool that would be perfect if it werent for that one thing. Imagine that,say,you had an amazing rich text editor,but you couldnt put spaces after any form of punctuation and it didnt support apostrophes at all.It would drive you insane.It seems so easy to fix,and if the devs cant fix it then whats keeping them from at least explaining why its such an insurmountable obstacle?
  • stuk71's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:41 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Hey, you can find it here:
  • SoapyIllusion's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:38 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Does anyone know of any other differences in between the Acendence and hyperjump minus the size? I can't help but feel like a single adjustable version initially would of been a better solution. I can't help but feel like this is a padding ride that didn't take much additional work to put together. Which to me hurts the overall value of the DLC.
  • RealWar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:30 PM with 0 replies | 39 view(s)
    Would it be possible for Frontier to increase the max train lengths for the Iron Fury (from the current maximum of 10 cars per train to a new maximum of 12 cars per train) and the Tiamat (from 7cpt to 8cpt)? This has been an "issue" since the launch of the game. There was a point at which a different coaster had it's maximum cars per train increased, the Gnarler, after it was implemented into the game (on release it had 10cpt and they adjusted it to 12cpt). At the same time we petitioned for the Gnarler's trains, we also reminded them about these two other coasters. The Gnarler was adjusted really quickly, but the other two coasters haven't been touched yet. It'd be nice with the "Magnificent Rides Collection" coming out that we could get this small change to improve these existing rides.
  • Fisherman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:29 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    That would be VERY disappointing if we can't launch the SLV. How else would we recreate a shuttle loop?
  • renansimoes's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:13 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    I didn't see this type of operation mode at the SLV coaster (launch from station), just that Wiener Looping model.
  • Cranedude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:13 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Where even IS the stream?
  • renansimoes's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:07 PM with 19 replies | 1310 view(s)
    I didn't see this type of operation mode at the SLV (launch from station), will it be in the DLC?
  • CoasterFan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:18 PM with 19 replies | 1310 view(s)
    The Live stream for today isn't working. It says invalid response.
  • ShoxDanger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:45 PM with 5 replies | 233 view(s)
    i had to decimate mijn lod models a bit and it works
  • Evolution's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40 PM with 430 replies | 29559 view(s)
    Enjoy it while you can. I'm 27 and still live with my parents and just got my Drivers License. I'm literally a man child and never want to grow up! Being an adult sucks mostly, but does have it's perks. Anyways...back on topic. I wonder how long the stream will be and what they're going to do?
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