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  • Skyscraper's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 PM with 2 replies | 5 view(s)
    Yeah, that is a great idea too. It can be annoying when a queue line is full and they all leave during a breakdown.
  • SarrahW's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM with 2 replies | 5 view(s)
    This is a good idea... the mass exodus of guests when you close a ride takes quite a while, and loses you money in career mode. This would be a nice touch. (Additionally, I'd love to see guests stay in line during a breakdown unless your mechanic doesn't get there within a certain amount of time; some repairs are completed before the line even clears out!)
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 6:41 PM with 8 replies | 182 view(s)
    KickAir8p replied to a thread The Sea in Track Rides
    Yep, enchanting! Nice to see Frontier's lovely SPLASH! work incorporated so naturally into PlanCo, well done.
  • Skyscraper's Avatar
    Today, 6:35 PM with 2 replies | 5 view(s)
    It would be handy if ride ticket booths could be opened and closed separately, so you could run a ride til the queue is empty before closing the actual ride.
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 6:29 PM with 12 replies | 1236 view(s)
    Agreed -- TommyT067 has done a magnificent job here, no question! But that doesn't change the simple fact that in the opinion of many PlanCo players we should be getting several ease-of-use improvements for this system.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 4:25 PM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    so worth it!!! I use them non stop. I can’t imagine not having them. I’ve never seen them more than 15% off so if it were me I would snatch them up. Before the first dlc came out I thought it seemed like a lot of money but after using the items in them it seemed like it was a very small price to pay. It makes the game so much better. I hope u can get them you’d enjoy it.
  • horizons1's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 PM with 19 replies | 1604 view(s)
    horizons1 replied to a thread Usable Roads in Track Rides
    THx komb. I just added a fourth shuttle route as a dummy system that guests cannot ride, but by placing underground stations at each end of the resort and leaving in test mode I'm able to now have every roadway actually in use. It's so fun watching the vehicles driving around, especially at night.
  • horizons1's Avatar
    Today, 3:51 PM with 8 replies | 182 view(s)
    horizons1 replied to a thread The Sea in Track Rides
    Thank you Steggs. And it's a little nod to the work Frontier did years ago to make the wonderful sea life in the first place.
  • bloodykimbel's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 PM with 30 replies | 1482 view(s)
    happy anniversary Planet coaster My love for roller coasters all started back in early 2000 when i first started to play RCT1.when after 10 years of hearing nothing about one of my favorite franchises i lost all hope untill one day i saw an add for RCTW,me rejoicing that a new game in my favorite franchise was being built,however that was very short lived when i saw the infamous "unlimited cotton candy" trailer,being heartbroken about it i started reading the comments.there i saw someone metioning a game being developed called planet coaster,so i looked it up expecting just a small mediocre indie game on steam,boy was i glad i was mistaken.when i saw the first announcement trailer my eyes welled up with tears as there was still hope to play a good RCTlike game for me,so i immediatly pre-purchased the early bird alpha edition. i also purchased the Coaster head club thats where things really started to kick off as that is when i started to engage more and more with the community and even made some new friends on discord wich i truly believe will be friends forever,i was however very nervous when we decided to hold an unofficial meeting in efteling as i was very shy of meeting people due to being heavily bullied in my younger years,but being in a discord group called toilet-chat helped me get over my anxiety and also a special thanks to wingardium levicoaster as she was the first discord friend i met in real life(by sheer coincidence we stayed in the same hotel on the same...
  • SirTophamHatt's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 PM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    Thanks for the balanced views. I have a free £30 to spend on Steam but there's so many games that I thought perhaps buying some DLC for the ones I have might be a better option. I'll probably grab the 15% off ones now and just have 'em.
  • hos's Avatar
    Today, 2:32 PM with 12 replies | 1236 view(s)
    that's not what they say. what they say is, that the given tools don't make it as easy as possible. it's more laborious than necessary, it takes lots of time to involve triggered events and on top of that it takes lots of creativity and additional work to organize and manage them. i bet if you ask Tommy he'd give you a lot of good input what kind of tools are needed to manage all his events more comfortable and quicker.
  • Fisherman's Avatar
    Today, 2:07 PM with 2 replies | 69 view(s)
    Hmmm...I did a small layout to test this but it isn't happening for me. I can swap station configs on both stations. Weird.
  • Serpentrax's Avatar
    Today, 1:43 PM with 70 replies | 3172 view(s)
    The game has to be updated to be able to read content created with the Toolkit of course. That's what 1.9 is all about; a new tab or panel in the scenery tool to place custom stuff that you downloaded via the Workshop.
  • Mez's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 PM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    I bought it as it was released so itís hard to comment on overall cost as it was drip fed. I actually saved money as I bought DLC instead of a new game. Some offer amazing value (adventure pack, vintage), others offer good versatility (spooky) whilst some did fall flat (worlds fair). I would load up a sandbox and spin through the items - I believe you can browse the items that will be available but just canít save a park / blueprint with them in (please correct me if Iím wrong). That way you can ensure youíre getting the ones you really want.
  • Serpentrax's Avatar
    Today, 1:39 PM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    With every update, Frontier goes out of their way to state how the paid DLC does not add new gameplay and how it is completely optional. So if you've lost interest in the game now, the DLC will probably not help you there. It will not add new challenges or address any of the outstanding issues and design flaws. Also, don't wait for a deeper discount, the game goes on sale quite regularly and it's always the same pattern: 60% off the base game, 15% for all the DLC except the latest, 0% for the licensed construction kits. Instead, wait for the community to pick up the ThemeMaker Toolkit and see how the new (free) user-made content works out. You can then always decide to purchase some official DLC in the next sale.
  • spoonetti's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 PM with 70 replies | 3172 view(s)
    Read this . There, you're finding the most important informations about the toolkit. And no, you don't need to download the toolkit. It's just an online software and it's optional of course. ;)
  • BillMulderTH's Avatar
    Today, 12:07 PM with 30 replies | 1482 view(s)
    Happy 2nd Anniversary
  • Crowdpleaser's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 PM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    Well for me it was worth every Penny, but that is just me. I can't make that decision for you. You have to judge yourself, by looking at what those Packs offer. They might drop Prices around Christmas, but i don't know.
  • Big Draco's Avatar
    Today, 11:21 AM with 12 replies | 1236 view(s)
    Wow! Anyone count the number of explosions? Would love to see a 'lights on' overhead view of this. I can't imagine that you could fit all that in one park let alone one ride. This should be shown to all those that say you can't do much with the trigger system in PlanCo. Bravo maestro!
  • SirTophamHatt's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 AM with 5 replies | 90 view(s)
    It's currently -15% but not sure if they'll do some sort of Black Friday deal to buy them all. Haven't played Planet Coaster for a long time but having new items might peak my interest again. Or do I just buy Jurassic World? :S
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 10:58 AM with 7 replies | 241 view(s)
    I hope the developers look at all the ideas and suggestions
  • MrMemeical's Avatar
    Today, 10:39 AM with 2 replies | 69 view(s)
    This happens to me too. The only ride i've seen it happen to is the Remotion ride vehicle or the ride that is inspired by Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I hope Frontier could fix this bug soon.
  • chromeleaves's Avatar
    Today, 9:37 AM with 70 replies | 3172 view(s)
    Since it's mentioned on post #65: Update 1.9 featuring the Thememakers Toolkit is indeed the Anniversary update Just wondering out loud (as the Toolkit is considered a "feature" of update 1.9) will I have to download the Toolkit or is it optional? I'm aware very few people would have the answer but you never know. I ask because I'll never use the Toolkit. I know I won't. It's beyond my current knowledge and I don't have the time / desire to learn. I probably don't have the creativity, patience or brains for it either but I digress. At this point it is what it is most likely. Though my fingers are crossed that the Toolkit is an optional download in addition to update 1.9. +1
  • cerealfruitcakes's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 AM with 12 replies | 1236 view(s)
    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh That felt like one of those motion sim rides. Superb!
  • Crowdpleaser's Avatar
    Today, 7:17 AM with 30 replies | 1482 view(s)
    Happy Anniversary Planet Coaster! I was waiting for this Game what seems like forever. I was playing RCT3 like a maniac and always wondered about a Sequel. My heart sank as Atari became worse and worse in handling their IPs, so i thought this might be the End. When they announced Rollercoaster Tycoon World, i was enthusiastic at first, then soon realized this was a huge pile of crap. But then i discovered that Frontier was making another Theme Park Simulation Game and i was overjoyed. I signed up on the Alpha and the Forums as soon as i could, and oh Boy this Game made me feel like Kid at Christmas. I regret to this day i couldn't make it to the Frontier Studio meeting, nor the official Launch
  • hos's Avatar
    Today, 2:10 AM with 3 replies | 98 view(s)
    i'd love to build things in VR mode. but first i'd need VR hardware, which i'd go for if there would be more interesting software. imho VR is still far away from being mainstream. which imho is the reason why most publishers don't care yet. which imho is the reason why VR is still not mainstream. seems the cat hunts its own tail here.. well, if that's the reason, Frontier better shouldn't have released the game at all ;)
  • SarrahW's Avatar
    Today, 12:13 AM with 30 replies | 1482 view(s)
    Happy 2nd anniversary to a truly phenomenal game! Here's to many more hours spent in it, and many more anniversaries to come.
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:57 PM with 30 replies | 1482 view(s)
    Thanks to the PC team for 2 great years and I hope many more to come!
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