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  • RedHair's Avatar
    Today, 6:58 AM with 7 replies | 305 view(s)
    Got random crashes as well while building. But since I closed the park and attractions and shops... No crashes anymore...
  • JCat's Avatar
    Today, 2:33 AM with 9 replies | 241 view(s)
    Lovely Shots! Beautiful park. Mustang!
  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 AM with 18 replies | 994 view(s)
    Rest in peace CHC! It has been a blast! But I can see the reason as it is not exactly active anymore, on either side. Hoping for a smooth migration otherwise and for a nice experience. :)
  • JCat's Avatar
    Today, 12:16 AM with 7 replies | 305 view(s)
    I actually get random crashes without even doing anything (if the game is in the background while I'm working). Latest drivers, very few TMT items.
  • Wagi's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:45 PM with 9 replies | 179 view(s)
    Yes, I did as well. There was a bug report about it made some time ago. To be honest, since the lag issue cropped up on some large parks I've closed every single shop in my park to try to help save resources, and I couldn't tell you if they remained blurry or not.
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:06 PM with 2 replies | 39 view(s)
    thanks. yeah it's amazing what we can create in this game.
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:46 PM with 2 replies | 39 view(s)
    wow - what a detailed project this is
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:45 PM with 18 replies | 994 view(s)
    good to here this.
  • joelallen3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:45 PM with 9 replies | 179 view(s)
    Yes, I have the same issue. My graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:44 PM with 2 replies | 39 view(s)
    This double movie theater is in my park ''UTOPIA'' i am working on. It's underground. The screen is 32 m. 702 Seats. 50 speakers The park is 95% finished. I have other cool stuff i made in the park. Just need some finetuning with a couple of trees and some plants. I use as Few (Less is More) trees as possible. ..I'm doing it 100% for myself. But if someone likes it, i can share my work. I am also working on a project of Epic Proportians. That work is maybe 25% done. Does not look like anything made so far by others. (as far as a know) Will take me at least 6 month more to finish i am guessing. And i have an idea for a ''scary ride'' i want to Try to make. No Jump scares, No Monsters, No Ghosts. This scary ride could happen in real life, but it's Very unlikely it will happen to you... 0% done so far. BTW. I have a question. Is there any point in uploading anything to steam really? Won't just my work just Dissapear in the other 200 000+ uploads? ...some people glue together 2 blocks and uploads it.
  • Joël's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:53 PM with 18 replies | 994 view(s)
    The 'Community Creations' board will be categorised under the main Planet Coaster board, with several sub-forums dedicated to Parks and Scenarios, Rides and Shops & Scenery. Existing sub-forums such as Coasters, Flat Rides and Track Rides will be merged with the new Rides sub-forum. The forums will continue to be a place to share all of your amazing Planet Coaster creations! :)
  • Fisherman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:59 PM with 144 replies | 10667 view(s)
    This project is just delightful, man! I am really loving all the amazing details. You are so good at combining different textures and colors.
  • Fisherman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:57 PM with 9 replies | 179 view(s)
    Yeah. I had the same issue with the World's Fair shops. You are not alone.
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:06 PM with 144 replies | 10667 view(s)
    Just in case you want to continue following progress on this park. I am posting the same updates on ShyGuy's when the kill this section of the forum you can still see progress. Here is a video of the chair lift going through this section of the park
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:58 PM with 18 replies | 994 view(s)
  • RoboSpongie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:56 PM with 9 replies | 179 view(s)
    Update it's not the drivers, it's an actual bug after following your advice the same latest shops got blurry again !
  • RoboSpongie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:15 PM with 9 replies | 179 view(s)
    I was able to solve this by using the NVIDIA control panel thanks !
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:13 PM with 1 replies | 26 view(s)
    heatherg23 replied to a thread [1.10.1] planet coaster bug in Bug Reports
    hi Azthegame27, There are a few rides that this is happening to since the Jan 31st update. For now, If you close then reopen the rides should go back to normal.
  • Azthegame27's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:42 PM with 1 replies | 26 view(s)
    Azthegame27 started a thread [1.10.1] planet coaster bug in Bug Reports
    Severity Minor Frequency Most of the time Area of Game Affected Rides Description
  • cap396's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:48 PM with 41 replies | 2239 view(s)
    Thank you for focusing on performance and quality of life updates. This is more important than new content at this point in time.
  • xSHADOWx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:40 PM with 41 replies | 2239 view(s)
    @chante Goodman Can't wait to finally be able to use the TMTK stuff without slowing the game down. A Quality of Life update has been needed for a long time. I know you can't be specific on my answering my next question. But.. will there be more DLC for 2019? Or just QOL updates from here on out? I ask because its kinda getting close to March/April and thats been the typical release schedule for Spring DLC
  • Royaltt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:29 PM with 7 replies | 305 view(s)
    HI Game craches randomly since a day or two, did all updates. Worked perfectly before. Any ideas?
  • Support-Vulcan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:25 PM with 1 replies | 54 view(s)
    The specs of that PC float between minimum and recommended for Planet Coaster, it should run okay but you may have to make some compromises with regards to the graphics settings.
  • Spanky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:47 AM with 3 replies | 413 view(s)
    Spanky replied to a thread Cola Bottle in Completed Items
    Really good. Congrats.
  • Kripsty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:36 AM with 6 replies | 161 view(s)
    Ho I find the bogue, it was my windows update ! Anyhow, thanks for your help
  • Kripsty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 AM with 6 replies | 161 view(s)
    Created by the players? (all objects downloaded from the beginning or the objects modeled by the players, and how to do in this case (is there a risk of losing all my progress))
  • Spanky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:02 AM with 18 replies | 994 view(s)
    The only thing I do not like about the new forum is the loss of the "Community Creations" board. Within a general discussion board, many of the fantastic parks will rather go down and overlook. Forums like "ShyguysWorld" will probably become again more of a platform where users can showcase their parks and creations. (like RCT3 and the old Atari forum)
  • Haristess's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:16 AM with 8 replies | 234 view(s)
    Its incredibly frustrating that theres very little for 3dsmax users, and less so for maya, in regards to our TMT projects. when there is something, you have to dig to find it here. Its less so about learning max, as theres plenty of sources out there, but in regards to planet coaster and TMT, theres literally nothing. its all blender. Could be worth while setting up a discord server and have a place for us to be able to chat for this stuff. would be easier overall. Im just unsure if its against the rules here to suggest it. Ya as i said animation is going to be the last thing i tackle, but i dont wish to spend hours upon hours rigging stuff, animating stuff, and only to find out that it doesnt work with TMT, and if it does bypass TMT, its all screwed within the game. I can easily see myself getting ****** off and not bothering with animation stuff simply because its long winded to rig and animate, and basically being forced to redo it from scratch over and over cuz the TMT and the game doesnt like it. Im also not the type of person to be doing simple animations either, as i want to be immersed into my game. hehe.
  • Joël's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:05 AM with 6 replies | 161 view(s)
    Veuillez noter que le forum de rapports de bogues est en anglais uniquement. Veuillez utiliser l'anglais pour signaler et discuter des bogues. Merci beaucoup! - Please be aware that the Bug Reports forum is English only. Please use English when reporting and discussing bugs. Thank you very much!
  • xSHADOWx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:21 AM with 11 replies | 205 view(s)
    xSHADOWx replied to a thread [1.10.1] min departure interval does nothing in Bug Reports
    I agree as well. I have noticed this being an issue in testing several times of late. I also know this was reported previously as well. It was working.. now its not. Rather or not a few people don't see it as being useful isn't a issue. I for one found it quite useful. during testing.
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