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  • ojonas's Avatar
    Today, 4:59 AM with 100 replies | 3787 view(s)
    It is a choice we as a consumers must do and we have the full power to do. There is an interim option to the ones I listed above and that is a failed DLC. If a DLC fails and does not sell as well at Frontier expected/counted on they can, and probably will, listen to why and make adjustments for the next DLC. If they keep failing over and over (meaning too few people are buying them) eventually that will lead to the support for the game over time will diminish (like RCTW). A few failures will probably be OK for Frontier as long as they make it up on a higher quantity of successful ones. In the end, if you believe in Frontier (your choice) you would keep supporting them. If you don't, you would not. Simple as that. Frontier is ion it to make as much money as possible (a business) so they will go where the money is (listen to the customer suggestions or cancel the game). Just like any other business.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 3:59 AM with 4 replies | 107 view(s)
    Also, I'd like to make walk through haunted houses. Guess the only way to do that now would be to use path. How would you make it one way, though? You could use queue line path and put a ride at the end.
  • hhardin3's Avatar
    Today, 3:52 AM with 12 replies | 802 view(s)
    Shown but not talked about. Starts at 36:34 Wings & Strings - Railroad Accessory Pack 1
  • Eaglefan9727's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 AM with 30 replies | 1351 view(s)
  • coastermike86's Avatar
    Today, 12:23 AM with 2 replies | 48 view(s)
    Thank you!
  • rrobnett's Avatar
    Today, 12:12 AM with 2 replies | 185 view(s)
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    Yea I over exaggerate a bit, but it was much much faster in RCT. I just wish we had a terrain grid but thats no fun... the way I play is to build massive semi-realistic (but not that realistic) coasters and then plop rides down and then maybe think about scenery later. I just wish the terrain was faster so I could build massive mountains and waterfalls like I could in RCT3! I've played PC quite a lot so I have built stuff, just not much with scenery. I need to get a better computer first lol
  • widlanquebec's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:56 PM with 49 replies | 2252 view(s)
    Wow, this kind of feedback and back & forth is amazing. It would be awesome to be able to have this kind of post about gameplay/management to talk about. Thanks a lot for your time. Your work is amazing... the audio is really incredible in game.
  • tyczj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:52 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    Why are you being ignored? you are not, you posted this months ago and got an answer, just because its an answer you dont like does not mean you are being ignored
  • rrobnett's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 PM with 0 replies | 19 view(s)
    Severity Minor Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Scenery Description
  • widlanquebec's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:24 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    Unfortunately, I'm sad to see that it's the same for me. I still keep a small hope, but this is smaller and smaller every day. I thought that this game would have changed more in a year, but I understand it's a lot of work to change fundamental things and I'm sure that the devs work really hard and do their best. But, probably that this cost too much money and time. I don't think we'll see major things changing... or I'll be very surprised and pleased to see I'm wrong.
  • Coastercad's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:20 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    I don't know what kind of mountains you make, but i can make a pretty decent mountain in 10 minutes in PC.(I can even sculpt a mushroom in 2 minutes). Building a coaster doesn't have to take long either, just pick one from the workshop. You can actually have a really good park in a short time, if you use the tools correctly and take some stuff from the workshop. Doing something in PC for 10 minutes, would probably take me 100 minutes in RCT 3.
  • Alexxxis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:17 PM with 0 replies | 32 view(s)
    Hi all. Today i lanched the game and all my parks give the same error... (failed to load the selected save game). I already tried to open the auto saves, and is the same. My account is connected to steam, and sync with it. Can i get my parks back!!! Even some old save from steam!? tried with diferente computer and is the same, all the steam saves are like this. Thanks in advance.
  • Beaker86's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:00 PM with 4 replies | 107 view(s)
    Oohhh a Vortex Tunnel - trippy. I used to work a place they had one - made you crazy dizzy after 5 minutes standing in it lol But I'd also love to see these, even just the tunnel from the In Descent with triggerable lights
  • WingardiumLevicoaster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:50 PM with 0 replies | 19 view(s)
    Not sure the complexity of implementation, but it would be awesome if we could set of triggers as guests get near, rather than on a sequence. Would be awesome to squirt guests with water, or have explosions etc. Even more work.. would be if there were more reactions to such things, but I do realise this would be more animation and therefore more work. Still, I would love to be able to trigger regardless. :captlockjaw:
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:48 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    In my opinion, its not about "hard" vs "easy", theres more to it, but simply its about "balance" (like I titled the thread). In RCT1/2 you could fail a scenario, does that make it difficult? No but it gives you incentive to try harder, and to get a better score. In RCT1/2 you could achieve a high score, but they removed that aspect from RCT3 and PC, probably to not discourage new players. In RCT1/2 we could purchase land which some might argue is not important, but it gives people choices about how to spend their money, do you buy the pond in the back of your park or wait and save money? Considering RCT1 is 20 years old, I expected the actual objectives for the scenarios in PC to be more balanced (financially). Many of the scenarios can be completed in under a few months, and the only real challenge to career mode are the few coaster objectives (which do not help new players learn the game) there is no tutorial levels, no progression system, nothing to help new players learn the game. They just throw it all at us at once. I miss the progression I felt when playing RCT1, because each scenario felt like it offered something new, but in PC each scenario is the same large blank open flat square :( On top of that, PC is actually a lot more difficult in the sense that it is wayyyyyy more time consuming.... make a mountain in PC takes 10 hours, coaster takes a few hours, but in RCT it took minutes. I actually wish PC was easier/less tedious in many ways (specifically terrain...
  • WingardiumLevicoaster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:44 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    Am I the only one that finds the game hard? In terms of managament. I have recently been playing RCT1 and it's sooooo much easier. I would worry if they made everything much harder I would lose enjoyment. Obviously have some harder scenarios .. but you don't want to push people away that may find it difficult, like children.. or me
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:44 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    Many people have requested the ability to rotate walls, it was possible during alpha but the devs said it was an unintended glitch, it can also be achieved using mods, but when you overlap 2 pieces you risk having them clip like that, you could try separating the pieces side by side instead of directly on top of each other
  • FutureFear's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    Frontier is well aware of these kinds of clipping, they can't really do much about it. (It's how "virtual" 3D rendering works) Normally there should be one side on every grid object that won't clip and one side that does (some dev showed it on of the youtube livestreams a while ago) You could also make the suggestion for extra wall pieces that work around the clipping (or indeed make it possible to mirror/flip objects) Some tips I can give, make 2 walls (seperate buildings) and ofset one wall to not see any clipping. OR make the wave shape in the wall with actual shapes (scenery), instead of (on-grid) wall pieces. Like shaneturner12 already said, you could try the bug report section or make an actuall bug report... BUT they did mention it and are aware of it, and can't fix it...
  • Chems's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:36 PM with 378 replies | 41956 view(s)
    RCT3 uses a piece by piece system so you really can't compare it to PCs builder. RCT3 does allow smoother coasters than PC, however, because it is possible to import NoLimits coaster nowadays but this is thanks to modding and not an official feature. It's fairly easy to notice the unsmoothness in 3rd person view tho. The problem is the game doesn't allow us to make continuous rolls. So each track piece has its own curve that determines rolling so multiple curves in a row have rough transitions.
  • maverick34jjv's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:33 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    This is not an issue with Planet Coaster, it's just how 3D graphics work. Every single 3D game can have this issue. The walls are being placed over each other, thus fighting over what should be rendered on top. This isn't something that Frontier can fix easily, unless they implement some kind of render priority system for the user to have control over, but I would rather them spend their time working on more important fixes or features. You have two options, make a separate building and offset it a little bit so the one wall is in front of the other, or use the art shapes to create your own designs.
  • En Anu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:28 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    Yes my liege, I humbly apologise for any grevience thou hast had with thy purchase of thy game....could I just add my liege that one is a tad bit disappointed as one has extensively built parks, designed great stuff, however was desperately waiting for some basic tools you find in other games and a above average management system to go with it, so alas I am bored playing it now and hoping that after a year one would see some great changes to thy game!!!!
  • En Anu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:22 PM with 49 replies | 1270 view(s)
    Ditto, what Ramn said just says it all really!!!!!
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:19 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    Have you put in a bug report about it (or even a suggestion in the relevant forum)? I don't think PMs are going to help. Shane
  • moonjive's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:17 PM with 0 replies | 18 view(s)
    Severity Minor Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Buildings Description
  • PlanetCoasterFan4Eva's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:15 PM with 5 replies | 147 view(s)
    I have PMed the DEVS about this problem, posted about it on forums and everything, but it doesn’t seem to matter HOW many times I post about it on the planet coaster forums, it just seems to get ignored and it’s a problem that needs addressing in time for the upcoming update! I want to build an entrance building and shopping plaza using the panel wall, but each time I try to use different colours for it, they clip through on one side and it’s really annoying! I am rather hoping that when this next update is released, this problem will be solved, all that needs doing really is wall pieces... no matter WHAT type they are, need to be able to flip vertically, so that you can turn certain ones upside down such as curves and triangles, this I feel will put an end to the problem I have mentioned on forums several times, but like I've said, it doesn't seem to matter HOW MANY times I complain about this problem, it just seems to get swept under the carpet, like they're hoping it'll disappear by itself, well tbh I don't think this problem is GOING to disappear without HELP! Here is a picture of what I DON'T want happening! You see the curves in the picture that the arrows are pointing at? Well if we could turn those UPSIDE DOWN I think this problem would be solved!
  • En Anu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:15 PM with 100 replies | 3787 view(s)
    There seems to be a dilema here, a catch 22! The base game needs more refinement as per the 'simulation' side more so for the management/tools than display/rides/shops/etc, needs to have more intricate AI with regard to your actions/decisions within the game which will unfold a chain of events. There are many games like this where the graphics might not be state of the art but the QOL / game play is fantastic and intriguing. You are stating that if we do not continue to buy the DLCs as they come out (even though we might not want certain ones) then in time the devs will/might pull the plug and maybe not do the sequel. So caught between a rock and a hard place here, do we just blindly pump money in as consumers into DLCs and just hope for the best and indirectly allow a company to psychologically hold one to ransom or keep protesting about base game not buy DLCs and watch it fold with a good chance there might not be a sequel. Software companies of course could hold consumers to ransom with regard to the DLC situation, and harness the optimism of the consumer, knowing deep down that maybe that certain company could never full fill the whole simulation as advertised!
  • Coaster622's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:52 PM with 0 replies | 35 view(s)
    I've noticed the devs are a fan of adding vintage rides into the game lately, and I wanted to contribute with my request for coaster styles designed by legend Anton Schwarzkopf. These coasters are a staple in many parks and traveling fairs across the world. I'd love it if the classic looping coaster style made it into the game as a full circuit and shuttle version. In addition, he's designed a few bobsled style coasters as well: Thanks for taking time to read my request!
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:51 PM with 30 replies | 1351 view(s)
    wowman replied to a thread Lake Euphoria in Parks and Saved Games
    wow - can't believe you lit the whole track like that - it looks great
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