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  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 PM with 2 replies | 9 view(s)
    1. I think they just build huge plazas with the kerbs disabled on the standard asphalt path. Then they only draw the lines with the shaped objects. 2. If you first place a wall (so you enter building mode, move the wall a little bit underground so it's not visible, then select the scenery tab you can build objects while still in the building edit mode. When done adding objects to the building, close building menu, then you can copy paste the building itself, without multi-selecting. The multi-select tool never gives the (advanced) copy option. That only works with buildings. edit: Zakman was a little bit ahead of me. But it's the same explanation.
  • Zakman's Avatar
    Today, 4:02 PM with 2 replies | 9 view(s)
    First point, I'd recommend doing the actual tarmac of car parks using the path tool, the grid option is your best friend here. Second point: If you build objects within a "building" you can enter the building editing and then use the advanced tools on items like you're describing, its good practice to put down a gridded piece to create a building group and building inside that to make advanced editing of scenery pieces much easier! Protip: I like the 4m wooden pillar the most for this, and when I'm done I usually go into the building again and hide that pillar under ground
  • MR.sugar's Avatar
    Today, 3:46 PM with 67 replies | 2599 view(s)
    Adding 2.0 won´t help. Most reasonable people realize this engine is different compared to the version from 10 years ago. The work on the engine is visible. But by adding 2.0. to the name, it won´t fix the real problems this engine has. And it always had problems and always will I guess. It kind of remind me Source engine, which is just modified GoldSrc engine. Both are great for it´s time, but Source still has some limitations/problems from the base engine from 1998. I haven´t looked into Cobra much honestly, but it might need to rewrite a loads if the code to fix some problems imo.Or maybe, Frontier are just too ambitious, trying to be ahead of time and implement features that is not possible to handle very well with today´s HW.
  • Citytrader's Avatar
    Today, 3:30 PM with 21 replies | 794 view(s)
    I think that the coffee pot is a ride entrance, and the sugar and creamer are deco, but I love the look of them as well!
  • JoshSA92's Avatar
    Today, 3:26 PM with 0 replies | 15 view(s)
    What are your thought on having a "Photography Mode" on Planet Coaster? Where it allows you to take photo's in first person and the graphics are stepped up a little for photo mode only? There's many games of now days that has this exact creation, specifically racing games. To have it in Planet Coaster would change the whole landscape of art in Planet Coaster, showing your creations ect.
  • 007's Avatar
    Today, 3:18 PM with 1 replies | 59 view(s)
    007 replied to a thread Music in Planet Coaster Discussions
    I think new music will come with the most major of updates/dlc. We got a load of new tracks with the spooky dlc and some last year for the winter update too. I agree though, the audio team on this game are outstanding at making music and effects :)
  • JoshSA92's Avatar
    Today, 3:16 PM with 2 replies | 9 view(s)
    Two questions. First, I'd like to ask a question with creating car parks. I've been using the rectangle blocks to build a car park, however I am wanting to build the other half diagonal. I'm aware on how to rotate, however when I do, there are shadows of lines going over the original blocks diagonally, which makes it look unrealistic and like a jigsaw. I've seen plenty of Youtube videos that have the same type of car park and the line shadows are not visible on those. Any advice? Second question, I've seen many people creating something like shapes, objects & so on and some how they clone them & keep adding them on, however when I try using the select tool, there's no option. I know they didn't use the save blueprint tool as you have to keep going back to the objects list for that, any idea on this also? Only buildings work for me, not singular objects as seen in many videos. Cheers
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 2:48 PM with 21 replies | 794 view(s)
    What about UGC? If we get a CSO/UGC editor we could create thousands of shop types. I'd rather the devs give us tools rather than static objects, I mean animatronics or entertainers or rides are better left for the devs, but what I'd really like for shops is the counter with no walls or stand-alone employee
  • Lurker's Avatar
    Today, 2:44 PM with 13 replies | 484 view(s)
    Beach one side grass the other!!
  • Lurker's Avatar
    Today, 2:38 PM with 11 replies | 494 view(s)
    I'm quite looking forward to very high cost to edit the terrain. I think that you can essentially make land very difficult to build on by the park having difficult landscaping. If you can't build above 15m, and you're surrounded by hills, your only option to get any decent size coasters is launch (which you can put at the end of a research tree) and making some big holes. Using the landscape to make expansion more difficult is going to feature quite a bit in hard scenarios I think.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 2:25 PM with 8 replies | 297 view(s)
    low sales is why shops close.I never train or pay them more then the default. As long as they sell they stay open.
  • Sawyer's Avatar
    Today, 2:21 PM with 21 replies | 794 view(s)
    Bump... my finger slipped... whoops...
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM with 0 replies | 5 view(s)
    how do u start another collection on STEAM.? When i had NO collections it would ask if i wanted to start one but now that i have one I can’t find a way to start another one. thx heather
  • RockandGrohl's Avatar
    Today, 1:53 PM with 56 replies | 1802 view(s)
    I appreciate you stepping up to try and disprove my point but you've only served to set my point in concrete - every example you have posted is using single-track paths on gentle gradients and most of your examples are only achievable by building the terrain, building a path of the terrain, deleting the path, smoothing the terrain and then building the path again - intuitive? I think not. The problem is when you come to build anything other than a simple snaking narrow path. When you have a plaza, or just a courtyard, or other non-linear path and you need it just a bit wider, for instance, you are screwed. The paths bolt together and mean you can't just delete a small part to re-do it, you have to nuke the entire intersection and connect multiple pieces together. For simple snaking meandering paths, it's pretty much 90% there. You will still get "uneven terrain" on pretty much 97% flat land" but it's for the most part absolutely fine, but when you need to put down a glob of pathing you just can't without 10's of hours of effort and many little gaps that are impossible to fill. A "hole fill" tool for pathing would solve 90% of peoples gripes with pathing.
  • Zakman's Avatar
    Today, 11:51 AM with 11 replies | 494 view(s)
    This is maybe one of the best suggestions I've seen on the forums in a looooong time! I really really like the sound of this in a challenge mode!
  • Zakman's Avatar
    Today, 11:48 AM with 1 replies | 81 view(s)
    Congrats Wikz! It has been a pleasure to get to know you a bit this past year, I love seeing your creations pop up! You are so talented, this is so deserved! I hope you have a great week! I'm also noticing a trend here were most of us are picking Foxy as our favourite mascott ;)
  • Bo Marit's Avatar
    Today, 11:40 AM with 1 replies | 81 view(s)
    Every month we put four amazing Planet Coaster creators in the spotlight; each Featured Creator will have one week dedicated to them, their amazing Workshop, and other wonderful contributions to our community. This month we are talking to PixelWess89, Anigmandra, Wikz, and Uthris, who can also be found on the Planet Coaster globe! Let’s talk about insanely talented Wikz! Workshop Link: How did you get started with Planet Coaster? I've always been a sucker for theme park games. It all goes back to RCT1 and so on, and when I saw Planet Coaster was being released, I was like a kid at Christmas. I went on YouTube and started watching Let's Build videos, and that got me excited and started on my own stuff. What makes you and your creations stand out?
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 11:38 AM with 11 replies | 494 view(s)
    It would indeed be nice if they could add it to the editor in a future update. For now It at least adds more possibilities and people can make the challenges more challenging.
  • Bitula's Avatar
    Today, 11:24 AM with 11 replies | 494 view(s)
    Exactly! It’s the only reason I stopped playing for now. I was hoping this will be addressed in the patch. I’m still hoping it actually is, but chances are now low?
  • Funrir_Woulfe's Avatar
    Today, 11:00 AM with 13 replies | 484 view(s)
    Just had another Idea for Urban - Suburbs - Namely the park was built outside the city limits but the workers got tired of the long commute so the city zoned the area around the park for housing for the workers and the rest is history, as you get houses, you get shopping areas, and schools & so forth and so on. - Alien World - so your sci-fi park looks like it's on MARS ;-) granted floating in space could work w/ that as well, but this is just another option of course.
  • AndyC's Avatar
    Today, 10:30 AM with 67 replies | 2599 view(s)
    It's still called Unreal Engine if that's what you mean. It's safe to say it doesn't have very much in common with the original engine from Unreal / Unreal Tournament. Unreal only started making their versioning "public" when they were simultaneously selling UE4 for "next generation" consoles, and UE3 for the previous generation. Up until the release of UE4, games were only ever "Powered by Unreal". Cheers Andy
  • blobalbob's Avatar
    Today, 9:57 AM with 1 replies | 59 view(s)
    Spent a couple of hours wandering around The World of Steve (amazing park) and this heavily uses music to theme areas and rides. The music in PC is brilliant and perfectly captures the theme park ambience. Are there any plans to add more tracks and expand the menu music too? This is one DLC I'd purchase if it was as good as what we have already
  • Kensulu's Avatar
    Today, 8:04 AM with 4 replies | 195 view(s)
    I wish most of the building objects were scalable. What if you could scale a wall to size? What about roofs etc. If I could sale a object then the creativity is somewhat limitless. At this moment since they are not scalable I feel like I am bound to using only what works with what they are giving to use then using it in other ways if I could scale it. Scaling a object makes the use of it limitless.
  • Bitter Jeweler's Avatar
    Today, 6:55 AM with 3 replies | 130 view(s)
    Yeah, it's pretty spectacular!
  • wowman's Avatar
    Today, 5:29 AM with 265 replies | 26588 view(s)
    THX! I haven't posted in a couple days. Been at WDW having fun at Mickey's Birthday! Here is a better look at the double level carousel. Here is the outer skin and the queue line. A bit closer From ground level
  • wowman's Avatar
    Today, 5:18 AM with 52 replies | 4514 view(s)
    that looks great. I really can't even comprehend how you figured this one out? I was just at MK yesterday and rode this ride live. I always love yelling a loud chilling scream when the lights go out and the lightning flashes. It usually starts a domino effect of many others screaming....and several kids crying their eues out and kicking and screaming they want to go back. I just quietly walk into the loading queue and most no one knows who started it all.
  • Arrow's Avatar
    Today, 5:18 AM with 21 replies | 1485 view(s)
    I'm rrreeeaaaalllllyyyyy sorry for being "that guy", but.. Why can't we swap out American Arrow trains with Bolt trains? I was pretty excited to get that Bolt design on the looping coaster, but I guess not. As much as I love Arrow, I would like to not have to paint almost the entire train one color just to get those words out from the front of the train, only for them to still somewhat be on there. But, I still like being able to swap trains however, dont get me wrong!
  • wowman's Avatar
    Today, 5:12 AM with 3 replies | 130 view(s)
    great looking ride and scenery!
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 4:46 AM with 56 replies | 1802 view(s)
    This specifically seems like such an easy thing to fix. I have no idea if it is or not, but the fact that you can remove them on flat ground makes me feel like it wouldn't take much to be able to do it on raised paths too. It would improve a lot of people's parks, and would honestly make the plaza-troubles a bit easier to deal with since you can always just cover the paths up with a floor to make it look however you want it to look.
  • Stream's Avatar
    Today, 1:42 AM with 67 replies | 2599 view(s)
    I've built huge cities in Cities: Skyline and have very rarely encounter lag, especially not lag in the same caliber as in PC. Remember with C: S too, every single building does something, has some attribute that is part of the global simulation. Every car has a purpose and a designation, same with every person, so it's definitely a processing-heavy game. In PC you let 3-5000 people into your park and it starts to lag, if you've built a lot of custom buildings it almost becomes unplayable. My point is that I do feel like the Cobra engine itself is an issue, not so much the optimization of the use of said engine. I also feel like this is a very valid comparison between similar games, and personally C: S runs a LOT smoother for me than PC does. (For those curious, I have a GTX 970, an i5 3300, and 8gb of ram).
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