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  • Big Draco's Avatar
    Today, 10:54 AM with 1 replies | 15 view(s)
    You probably want to look for pieces that don't have a gridded background (just all white). These pieces are not locked to a grid and can be freely moved around. For example, there are 4m wooden posts that are gridded but there are is also the same post that is not gridded. The non gridded can be placed next to each other forming a short wall. Look out for non-gridded pieces - there are lots of them and they can be used to good effect. You may also be able to use the art shapes to 'fill those gaps' Hope this helps
  • pbplanet's Avatar
    Today, 10:10 AM with 5 replies | 1671 view(s)
    I really hope they add cable cars / chair lifts soon . Very much needed, particularly in big parks where you need transport up / down steep inclines. It would really enhance the game.
  • Skyvador's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 AM with 2772 replies | 866535 view(s)
    Oui ça donne l'espoir d'avoir plus de pièces et donc au final réduire le nombre de celles que nous utilisons actuellement afin d'avoir un jeu plus rapide. Exemple avoir un toit en une pièce au lieu de 800 petites.
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    Today, 9:34 AM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    Pretty much. Basically think of the Toolkit as that bridge between your mind and the game. You don't want to clog the bridge up, you want to get everything to its destination :)
  • Vampiro's Avatar
    Today, 9:32 AM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    Ohhh so that means that once you upload them to the workshop you can store (in theory) infinite files? Thats very good to hear and then there are no problems at all i guess.
  • Paul_Crowther's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! We'll see if we can get some answers to a few of the questions raised but I just wanted to jump in on one thing: Limitations to amount of files on the Toolkit This limitation only applies to the files you have currently uploaded on the site. Once you have converted them into Planet Coaster files, downloaded them and uploaded to the Steam Workshop they will be available to use even if removed from the Toolkit site storage. This means if you plan to make lots of things you only have to remember to clear out the old files first. It's a storage thing. We've only got a finite amount of space for the website and potentially lots of people wanting to use it, so this is just a necessary way of keeping it available for everyone :) Going to be exciting to see the things you all come up with!
  • jamesviago's Avatar
    Today, 8:49 AM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 7:49 AM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    shaneturner12 replied to a thread [1.7] can't open my park in Bug Reports
    Do you have a recent autosave of that park? It may be that the crash happened during the save process which would have corrupted the save. Shane
  • v00d00XL's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM with 1 replies | 15 view(s)
    I am looking for help with custom buildings. How can i fill in small gaps between items like a gap in the wall at the entrance of a bathroom or ride? Are there smaller pieces or ways to make custom pieces that can help with gaps or a way to force items to take up a full square.
  • shooter mcgavin's Avatar
    Today, 1:30 AM with 4 replies | 206 view(s)
  • shooter mcgavin's Avatar
    Today, 1:29 AM with 4 replies | 206 view(s)
  • Wagi's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 AM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    On the FAQ page they did say that we'll have the ability to set "default colours" on our items, so that sounds like we'll be able to have recolorable creations...
  • ObamaCare's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:57 PM with 2 replies | 125 view(s)
    I'd love this too, but in the meantime I've figured that the animated lights put off a really nice beam, and they don't have to be activated, just set their color to black then do a color swap in the sequence editor.
  • Skyvador's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:51 PM with 380 replies | 56956 view(s)
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:57 PM with 30 replies | 1110 view(s)
    A 3D shot of the entry plaza
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:53 PM with 515 replies | 77449 view(s)
    Couple of night shots from around this street/alley
  • Angell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:40 PM with 2772 replies | 866535 view(s)
    Bonsoir tout le monde ! :) vous avez vu la nouvelle MaJ ? :)
  • spritefan10's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:39 PM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    I think you dodged my point entirely. Look at my first post, im only using the assets for my park. A park of which i only use myself and never give to anyone else or share. Restricting use of custom 3D models others make online on 3rd party websites for single player is like saying i shouldn't be allowed to choose a wallpaper for my desktop using someone else's art from google.
  • NickEast's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:52 PM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    Normal maps are normal (no pun intended). Every modern game uses them, so it stands to reason that we actually need to make normal maps in addition to all the other textures. 3D models always need to be made with triangles (actually, they are using triangles by default, that's how they are "created" by the computer). The difference is is that most of us model using quads (polygons) and they are triangulated by the software. In some cases you'd need to manually re-triangulate some quads, or convert quads to triangles to avoid the .fbx exporter from incorrectly triangulating some quads. I believe flexicolor is done through textures (based off of how flexicolor works here and how recolourable objects work on other games, like Cities Skylines and The Sims). This would require a multi-channel texture perhaps (RGB and Alpha) with each channel representing a single colour. The pixels coloured white in each channel represent the areas on the texture map that will have the same colour. The diffuse, or colour, map will then be white in the areas that can be recoloured. But this is conjecture on my part.
  • volvi24's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:37 PM with 31 replies | 9615 view(s)
    IMO way too much stepping on effects. Wastes product, time and money. With same product show could be so much better. Those whistles stepping on everything was yuck. No one need get offended even Ricardo Caballer is guilty of the same on occasions. Wow! Beautiful work.
  • Support-Scruffy the Janitor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:17 PM with 1 replies | 73 view(s)
    Heya, Would you please be able to send us a ticket regarding this along with a copy of your DxDiag? You can send us a ticket by going here: To send us a DxDiag please do the following: Click the "Start" menu Type/Search for "dxdiag" and open it.
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:08 PM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    (my opinion throughout) Yep, agreeing with this. At minimum Frontier should included template objects for us to study and build from. A selection of non-DLC scenery items from the game would be excellent (like the Planet Coaster Door - Plain, Aircon Unit, Plastic Window - Plain, Stucco Window - Small Open, Shop Fascia - Square, a 4m, 2m, 1m, & Shopfront Wall, Floral Creeper 2, Ivy 4, one of the trees, a couple of animatronics . . . ). Not everybody's going to make their content in PlanCo's style, but for those of us who want to it'd be great if Frontier included the info & reference materials to do that. Some of us will be filling in the missing pieces in the building sets, so providing all the building textures would be much appreciated! Some other things I'd like added to the game to support this: A lightbulb set (we can't make working lights, but we can make light fixtures -- if Frontier makes us lightbulbs to put in them), although I can think of a lot of stuff the Spooky Wall Light 3 could be plugged into. We'll be able to make animations but not special effects -- which one is the water-surface of a fountain? If we can't make that ourselves it'd be great if Frontier would provide a set of them that we could use in our fountains. And counter-only versions of all the shop-cubes (or a counter-only version that can be set to any shop), needed now more than ever! It looks to me like PlanCo's scenery uses normal maps to keep the polycount low -- will we be...
  • MrT62's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:01 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    MrT62 started a thread [1.7] can't open my park in Bug Reports
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Main Menu Globe/Friends Description
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:59 PM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    Incredible! love the ride in the sink, coaster and go-karts. The scale is amazing.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:50 PM with 9 replies | 329 view(s)
    heatherg23 replied to a thread Mini DLCs in Suggestions and Ideas
    i have to agree. For me every 3 months is often enough. Adding 6 rides for a “mini dlc” would be a heck of a lot of work and they would have to charge more then 4.99.
  • NickEast's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:19 PM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    +1. This would save a lot of time and effort trying to create humanoid statues and animatronics to match the character style of the game.
  • Castaway's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:10 PM with 144 replies | 21983 view(s)
    I've been creating some 3D objects for the game hopping that this feature will come one day ! So thank you ! Just an idea, It would be great to have a basic park guest to download in Fbx or Obj (don't even need textures). It could serve as a base for making characters and animatronics, like a Darth Vader or Tony Stark, but with the style of Planet Coaster. It would take less time than to start from scratch.
  • bobby807's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:05 PM with 0 replies | 11 view(s)
    PC Specs -cpu: Ryzen 5 1600x at 3.7ghz -ram: 16gb -Gpu: msi gtx 1070 gaming x So I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to why this is happneing. So I hadnt played planet coaster for a month or so, and when I went to play the game my framerate is in the toliet. So I used to play on a 2560x1080 monitor and ultra settings and the game would run perfect no problems. In between now and the last time I played planet coaster I upgraded to a 3440x1440 panel and then when I went to play my framerate went way down to an unplayable point. Even if I turn my ingame resolution to 2560x1080 and put my graphic settings on the lowest setting the game will barrelly hit 30fps in a newly created map with nothing in it. The game should be running great with my hardware. So if anyone has any ideas as to why it is like this i would greatly appricate it.
  • shooter mcgavin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:59 PM with 4 replies | 206 view(s)
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