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  • SarrahW's Avatar
    Today, 5:40 PM with 1 replies | 18 view(s)
    You can definitely use multiple UV maps in a single FBX, and even assign different faces of the same mesh to different materials. Up to 8 separate materials are allowed (as long as the total area of your BC maps is 2048 x 2048 or less). And yeah, it should be Material_02 or whatever you named your material in the 3D program you're using. Good catch on the typo! For example, for my balloons, I did the following: Blender material name: Balloon Textures: - Balloon_BC.png - Balloon_SM.png - Balloon_F1.png
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 5:09 PM with 9 replies | 462 view(s)
    Yep, +1!
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 5:04 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    shaneturner12 replied to a thread [1.10] trouble running the game in Bug Reports
    It sounds more of a technical support issue to me rather than a bug. Have you got any Thememaker Toolkit items from the Workshop? The close crash I've a feeling Frontier already know about. Shane
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 PM with 1 replies | 23 view(s)
    That's an interesting idea although the weather aspect is unlikely to be added as there are performance implications to anything more than weather in small areas via the effect items. Shane
  • cdjets10's Avatar
    Today, 5:00 PM with 0 replies | 8 view(s)
    A lot of coasters in the world are simple cookie cutter layouts. That's why I think those layouts should be added to the game. For example, the MACK Launch coaster Blue Fire model or the Flash model for the MACK Hyper coaster. Also, they can add Superman and Manta for the B&M Flyers or the basic SLC layouts. Here is a doc of all of my ideas.
  • Joren91's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 PM with 15 replies | 1199 view(s)
    Joren91 replied to a thread Fairytale Forest in Other Creations
    Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce the fairytale forest has been finished and is now ready to download at the Steam workshop. Please note that because of the way a lot interacts with the terrain, I had to upload it as a park instead of a blueprint. This means it's still a little rough around the edges, but I have the intention of continuing my park after this. This is the link to the workshop and here are a few screenshots. Feel free to explore and please let me know what you think!
  • tricktrack's Avatar
    Today, 4:10 PM with 27 replies | 2661 view(s)
    I´m totally with you on this. But in "real life" the deciding factor if a kid can ride a certain ride is its height and its ability to sit safely within the restrain system. I see that this is a bit tricky in PlanCo as kids don´t come in various ages. So it´s almost realistic that kids can´t ride certain rides, but the water coaster (for example) should NOT be one of them. This is a family ride if ever there was one! Another thing that annoys me to no end is way that the DEVs programmed themselves into a corner with group size. Instead of limiting groups to four peeps (which is would be realistic and plausible), they have to kill themselves to come up with ways to have larger groups ride rides with smaller capacity. The work around for the Wooden Wild Mouse totally kills ANY realistic operation of this coaster.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 PM with 1 replies | 17 view(s)
    heatherg23 replied to a thread Fix 3d gizmo! in Tech Support
    Moving to Tech Support
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 PM with 9 replies | 462 view(s)
    This problem (more of an unintended consequence than a bug per se) has been around since peeps started using transport rides as entertainment several updates ago. Since then, however, ALL transport rides have been effectively broken because they're clogged with round-trip riders, so the results are as bad as a bug. This problem has been reported several times over the past couple of months, has been answered with "we're aware of the problem and are working on it", and yet updates have happened without fixing it. The most recent thread on this subject, with the most accurate info based on accumulated research into this problem, is in this thread: When this problem was originally noted, there was a lot of barking up the wrong tree, with discussions of station loading times, thinking it affected only 1 or a few transport rides, etc. But now it's clear that the issue affects all transport rides and is caused exclusively by them being swarmed and clogged by round-trip riders. Note in particular the analysis and potential solutions in post #5: To me, this is THE most serious gameplay issue currently in the game and I think it should be given a higher priority to be fixed. Transport rides are BROKEN and have been for quite some time. They simply cannot perform their intended role of...
  • LÉON/LvHtje's Avatar
    Today, 3:32 PM with 1 replies | 17 view(s)
    I really love this game, but a lot of people have already paid more than €100,- for this game with dlc's and the 3d gizmo is still not working properly, in fact, it has become worse and there is now no longer to work with! I hope Frontier Developments now sees that is time to solve this problem, before they come up with new dlc's or anything else! Help me Frontier Developments, you're my only hope!!!!!!
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 PM with 10 replies | 321 view(s)
    Go on, you've piqued my ears and my interest. ;)
  • XaVIer43B's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 PM with 1 replies | 23 view(s)
    I would like to introduce the makers of Planet Coaster to make seasons in the game, so that we can also enjoy the weather conditions and how the PEEPS or people in the game react to the weather conditions. As it rains, that you can place a store where people can buy their umbrella, etc ... With the expansion of seasons you can make this game even bigger than it actually is. All the new DLC's are great & good, but, if you bring this in the game, that make millions of fans happy. Talk about this in your team.
  • KaiRubix's Avatar
    Today, 2:43 PM with 1 replies | 18 view(s)
    So I'm guessing this is a typo for using two materials in the User guide. in the Material 2 column shouldn't the wording for the texture be <Material_02_Name>_BC.png? I'm also guessing I can basically use two seperate UV Maps for one fbx file. is this correct? I copy and pasted the wording from the user guide below: MODEL <Model_Name>_L0 Material_01 <Material_Name> Textures <Material_01_Name>_BC.png
  • PiuPiu's Avatar
    Today, 2:14 PM with 8 replies | 669 view(s)
    Been waiting for parades since too long
  • fanfa's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM with 0 replies | 18 view(s)
    fanfa started a thread [1.10] Achievement bug in Bug Reports
    Severity Minor Frequency Once Area of Game Affected Career Mode Description
  • Mangmod's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 PM with 2 replies | 120 view(s)
    I miss the MixMaster system as well, I remember having a lot of fun making firework shows with RCT3. System in PC is fine, but a bit tedious to set up when there are many pyro and you would like a "timeline" system, with audio waveform for sync.. I think the old system was not used because of trademark issues (MixMaster had a "tm" if I remember correctly).
  • Spanky's Avatar
    Today, 12:30 PM with 3 replies | 115 view(s)
    Spanky replied to a thread Windows in Toolkit Tutorials & Help
    You ask us for help and solve the problem by yourself ... but in opposite you could tell us how you've solved it. this will help many of us maybe too.
  • Ron's Avatar
    Today, 11:53 AM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    Ron started a thread [1.10] trouble running the game in Bug Reports
    Severity Severe Frequency Most of the time Area of Game Affected Main Menu Globe/Friends Description
  • DwarrenIce's Avatar
    Today, 11:39 AM with 87 replies | 18778 view(s)
    Update 64 Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome to another update of Society Park. Last week we started by theming the newest coaster Light Racer. This week we'll actually finish it with the parks ugliest station. I didn't want the building to distract from the drop tower, I did such a good job with that that the building is one of the ugliest in the park. Not really happy it but it does serve its goal so I decided to keep it. Take a look for yourself:
  • Cosmic Cow's Avatar
    Today, 10:21 AM with 4 replies | 144 view(s)
    Your post is not in line with what the topic is about... @bullethead: your two turnarounds look stunning together.
  • Guitar_Sly's Avatar
    Today, 9:35 AM with 9 replies | 462 view(s)
    I don't think this is really a Bug, but more of a change that was introduced by community requests. I remember that early after release of the full game, people complained, that the Peeps don't use Transport Rides when there's nothing to get to. They basically used them exclusivbely for transport. The community requestet to change this, so that we can use the Transport Rides as round trips. Before they patched this in, no one of the peep would even use a train ride with only one station as an example. I think in terms of the AI, we can just have one or another. So there is a amount of peeps that use these rides as "rides itself" and not to just get from A-to-B as a "transport".
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 9:29 AM with 4 replies | 144 view(s)
    I have a partially built Morey’s Pier park, I will have all piers except Sportland Pier which is not owned by Morey’s. It’s mostly a go-kart pier now. I’ve been to Wildwood several times in my life. I made a recreation of a long gone attraction, the Haunted House at Morey’s Pier which existed from 1972-1984. Its on the workshop. The interior is not complete but the layout is somewhat accurate based on a guys drawings of all three floors, he has a sharp memory. It’s non functional though. The angle of the stairs to the second and third floors are too steep for a path, I used the metal stairs from the scenery and covered the stairs with wood pieces.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM with 9 replies | 462 view(s)
    If this is a bug that will eventually be fixed, then I want a toggle to make a sky ride round trip only, so that people ignore the other station and return to the first station. Have no entrance or exit path at the other station. Some parks have sky rides with just one station.
  • Ztitus's Avatar
    Today, 8:11 AM with 3 replies | 115 view(s)
    Ztitus replied to a thread Windows in Toolkit Tutorials & Help
    Thanks for your help, but I solved the problem.
  • lilibat's Avatar
    Today, 4:46 AM with 14 replies | 567 view(s)
    Here's the collection that has the blorbs and skulls.. Metal blorbs up next and they will be added to the collection once done.
  • Zekin's Avatar
    Today, 4:11 AM with 0 replies | 28 view(s)
    Steam Link:
  • Spyro's Avatar
    Today, 3:14 AM with 0 replies | 43 view(s)
    Spyro started a thread Ideal size? in How Do I and FAQ's
    Whats the configuration for a right sized image/video for the power moves backdrop? I want to put custom stuff there but standard images are way to big
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 3:09 AM with 10 replies | 321 view(s)
    lol lol lol lol
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 3:06 AM with 10 replies | 321 view(s)
    I've got rather dubious qualities and have a taste for whiskey. Does that count? :D
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