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  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 12:18 PM with 0 replies | 3 view(s)
    These two maps. Roughness and Smoothness. RN and SM. In my findings these two seem to be exact same result but with inverted maps. Am I correct? or are there subtle difference? If I read the guide correct, it seem to be same deal but inverted? So far I tend to use SM. So when I use Principled BSDF shader in Blender I plug in the SM map texture node and set it to non-color data, and then add invert node between. Oh, to the Roughness node of the shader that is.
  • Chante Goodman's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM with 1 replies | 59 view(s)
    Yes, I love Kaleidoscope! Super excited to see this updated version, thanks for sharing!
  • Ramm's Avatar
    Today, 11:16 AM with 2 replies | 29 view(s)
    Exactly. Unless you HAVE to move your laptop every day between locations, go for a PC. Even a small mATX would do it.
  • Bo Marit's Avatar
    Today, 10:27 AM with 6 replies | 396 view(s)
    Great question, not sure if we can answer that but we'll do our best :)
  • QA-Matt's Avatar
    Today, 10:23 AM with 2 replies | 62 view(s)
    QA-Matt replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    Hi Sam230498, Thanks for reporting this. Just as a precaution, can you please verify your game files: this can be done by navigating to Planet Coaster in your Steam Library and right clicking -> properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Local Files. To assist us with this investigation, can you provide us with a DxDiag report? To run a DxDiag report follow the steps below: - If you are running Windows 7 or higher, go to your TaskBar.
  • ArtiX's Avatar
    Today, 9:56 AM with 28 replies | 1609 view(s)
    As a heavy Win7 user who was forced to switch to win10 i can understand the hesitation. My Win7 systems, including a very TINY renderfarm, could run for months even under constant duress. --> WARNING: Nerd Talk! --> My personal record for a win7 system running constantly without a crash or reboot: 5months, 1week, 2days. On Win10 that same record is at 3 weeks tops. Reverting back to Win98, that's how it felt like when i "upgraded" from 7 to 10, just with better graphics and a different BSoD screen I bet anyone who ever used win98 knows the feeling!
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 9:34 AM with 2 replies | 29 view(s)
    WHen it comes to games, I advice to not go for a laptop, but a desktop, and assemble it yourself.
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 9:32 AM with 25 replies | 1262 view(s)
    Wrong thread. And it's not a bug. it's either your graphic card drivers not being up to date or the graphics card is broken.
  • Divinejames's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM with 2 replies | 29 view(s)
    Iím in the process of upgrading from consoles to the master race. Iím looking for a laptop that can run this game specifically without any limitations. Obviously the best options will be the most expensive, so in my ignorance, Iím asking what things I should look for in a laptop so I can find one that wonít break the bank. At the most, Iím trying to keep it under $1,000. Any help is appreciated! Thank you to this great community in advance!
  • Haristess's Avatar
    Today, 7:22 AM with 4 replies | 113 view(s)
    Ive made that Measurement tool thing myself from scratch. It needs updating now though. I had to go to 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 meter scale because to begin with i wasnt able to do 8x8x8 as the TMT would complain that its over by 0.0000******* something. Artix told me its cuz i need a bounding box made in 3dsmax and export it included. So ya, i need to update it but i cba'd right now. hehe. no idea about the planco peep heights thing. I did mine by making the measuring tool, importing it ingame, and just placing it next to the people, walls paths etc, and simultaniously makign changes in photoshop at the same time, for reference. The measurement tool includes: Correct height for adults, teens and children. Widths for queue paths Widths upto 7m for normal paths (larger paths exceed the 8x8x8) Wall heights and width from 1m / 2m and 4m Also includes Path incline and stairs slope, but has only been done for 3m queue path. (not sure if it changes per path)
  • Ithril's Avatar
    Today, 6:14 AM with 0 replies | 20 view(s)
    Ithril started a thread going crazy? in Tech Support
    I want to place a planter ("Modular planter Top Corner 1") as a standalone item, but whenever I do, the game makes a grid, and calls it a 'building'. It seems like I was able to put walls and planters in earlier without having them be a 'building' but not I can't put anything in without it defaulting to a 'building'... Help?! I
  • ArrowEnlightenmentLeader's Avatar
    Today, 4:26 AM with 1 replies | 91 view(s)
    I have zero clue on how to make things for the toolkit and the one time i tried uploading it kept having issues. Some actual truss supports would be VERY VERY USEFUL
  • JCat's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 AM with 4 replies | 113 view(s)
    Good stuff! Love the WOTW Alien. Is that scale grid based on Planco peep heights?
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 3:51 AM with 4 replies | 59 view(s)
    Welcome to the Planet Coaster Forums.....(I thought your name sounded familiar) It looks incredible! Heather
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 3:49 AM with 1 replies | 22 view(s)
    Hi, Klkko93 Can you list your DxDialog so it can look at it. It will show all your computer specs. You can copy and paste it into a reply below. For instructions on how to do that you can go to this link Thank you, Heather
  • kikko93's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:54 PM with 1 replies | 22 view(s)
    Hi all, i have a problem. When i start a new park (challenge, career etcc ) i have around 20 fps ... My pc have an I7 6700k, GTX 1080, 16gb ram ddr4, windows 10. With ultra settings i have 15 - 20 fps or less, with lowest settings 40 or less ( park is empty). What is the problem? How can i fix it? Thank you
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:50 PM with 4 replies | 59 view(s)
    But in planet coaster now
  • ImagineerTim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:30 PM with 4 replies | 59 view(s)
    I was never away. Check out my latest RCT3 ride ;)
  • JCat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:31 PM with 7 replies | 210 view(s)
    I was getting random crashes. Especially just walking away from the computer for a while, only to come back and see one of those Frontier crash report messages. In addition, I was getting the exit crash every time. For me, it turned out to be one (or more) of the TMT downloads. It worked itself out as I unsubscribed to 3/4 of them due to the initial loading speed problem. Turns out, PlanCo now takes less than 2 minutes to load, and no more crashes. Basically, it solved two problems. I still have about 20 TMT objects, and will unfortunately, keep only a small amount until the issue gets addressed.
  • horizons1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:30 PM with 28 replies | 2831 view(s)
    Oh boy!
  • stuk71's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:59 PM with 6 replies | 901 view(s)
    stuk71 replied to a thread Swiss themed Hotel in Other Creations
    These look so good - thanks for posting
  • Support-Zenit's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:04 PM with 4 replies | 80 view(s)
    Hi there! The GeForce 8800 GTS 512 is very far below minimum spec, and that is likely the cause for the errors you're getting, and will likely not be able to run Planet Coaster. If you're able to use a different graphics card, you may be able to get it to run. Sorry about that! If you want us to look into it a bit more (and maybe some other options), please make a ticket here:
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:09 PM with 4 replies | 59 view(s)
    OMG imagineertim is backHYPE!
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