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  • SarrahW's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 PM with 34 replies | 1791 view(s)
    Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope everything's okay! I've been looking forward to this build, so I'd be happy to grab the files and take over. (Unless anyone else gets to this before me, I've got a couple other pieces I want to finish first) And of course I would put a credit to you for the modeling work. You did an excellent job on this model!
  • Asgaurd64's Avatar
    Today, 7:47 PM with 0 replies | 0 view(s) There on the workshop now. (I hope, but some are separate Items (that need to be joined) due to the size restraints). of 8mx8m. Sorry. Everything begins with the name "Xan" if this helps. I will get better with steam when i have figured how collections work, hope you like em.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 7:46 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    You sir are totally right and i'm totally your opinion,especially about the water ride part Nice name btw,as a Kunf Fu Panda Fan and coming from Austria i actually understand the meaning
  • Klötenkieker's Avatar
    Today, 7:39 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Frontier "accidentally" showing the cablecars was just a matter to start a speculation-thread like this in my opinion. "Accidents" like that (having TWO cablecars on both sides of the screenshot is just too obvious to be a mistake) normally don't happen in a company in which all published screenshots are controlled by multiple people. If it was a mistake ... what a bummer . Yes, Sam did mention in the stream that they have dificulties to program some certain rides in the engine because of engine or coding issues. That's why we don't have the (much needed) shuttle mode for the monorail at the moment. I guessed it would be difficult to program the cables of the cablecar go down due to the weight of the cable-cars but as it seems from the screenshots the cables don't bend down due to cable-car-weight. They are just in a straight line. I personally don't need cablecars as I haven't ever seen one in any theme park I visited so far (neither Europe, US, Australia nor Asia), but I am very happy for those who really waited for them and I might build one or two myself. What I really would want in future are more water rides (not slides). One thought I just had was that the cablecars or another ride MIGHT be one of the milestones for the charity stream but I don't know nothing and don't want to speculate again. So far I am quite happy about the new DLC, you can see that a lot of work went into detail (like working mechanisms). For the future I hope for more water rides and...
  • DatBoi's Avatar
    Today, 7:38 PM with 0 replies | 0 view(s)
    Hi, there so i have an idea for a rct fan game in the vein of sonic mania (nostalgic graphics, new and returning/remixed stages), but i need a team, as i cant do code good. If anyone would like to help out please let me know! Positions Art designers N/A Sound designers: N/A Programmers N/A Level designers N/A Producer: Me If you want to brainstorm more ideas, feel free to post them in this threada!
  • SarrahW's Avatar
    Today, 7:38 PM with 3 replies | 20 view(s)
    They are gorgeous, really great design work! I love them! If I may - as Jonti at Geekism is fond of pointing out, no one is going to be viewing the models super close once they're part of a park. Please do compromise the image quality a little to get a workable file size. I'm an artist too, I know how hard it is to see it pixelated and not so pretty right up close! But it's worth it for peoples' parks to run smoothly. Since it's a large, focal point item, I don't think a 10mb file size would be unreasonable, but I've seen things in the workshop up near 20mb or even more. As much as I think those workshop items look beautiful, I tend to skip subscribing because I don't want to compromise the play-ability of my parks. That's just my take on it, though. :)
  • caterpillar's Avatar
    Today, 7:28 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    ^ hang on, I didn't use that expression the right way, did I ? Serious question wanting an answer (English is not my mother language)
  • DatBoi's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    im sure it will, the only trains that resemble the roller skater and family boomerang are degen, and the trident
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 7:15 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    I hope it has a switch trains function,then maybe we can use another train,to make it look more like a family boomerang
  • DatBoi's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    I'm exicted for the slv, not only because shwarzkopf but, it also allows to make a family boomerang(i.e ben 10 or acellorater)
  • AceHunter's Avatar
    Today, 7:01 PM with 46 replies | 1387 view(s)
    My review of Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures I've been playing around in sandbox mode mostly and so far from what I have played it's a really enjoyable game I am really liking what I am seeing for the most part. There are a lot of rides to place down though the coasters are limited, there are 48 different other rides to place down and there are numerous types of different fair style games to place as well, a circus, different kinds of fun houses, many different types of food vendors. It's a really good game though a bit more streamlined, you place down janitor stations, bathroom and entertainers, bathrooms and they will cover a certain zone so they will need to be strategically placed around the park. You don't need to do hiring just place down a station in a spot. This is a game well suited for beginners but others will find some enjoyment. Here is the downside, the somewhat confusing coaster creator and tutorial for the creation was a little confusing as well but it's doable I'm sure once I get the hang of it. You don't get to see your guests lining up for rides and interaction with them is minimal and you only get to read their thoughts sometimes. I hope the water park expansion from RCT touch will get ported over, it's conceivable that anything made for RCT Touch could get added to RCT adventures since it is based on that game. so overall I would say pick up the game despite it's small problems it's an entertaining experience.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 6:56 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    Would love to see this changes applied.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 6:52 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Well i also like the slv or silvarret coaster very much,always reminds me of Olympia Looping
  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Haha. I guess old people love the Schwarzkopf and buying for that, and younger for the Mack. And for the ultra nerds both and also SLC ;) :D This pack is a given buy, nonetheless. And also talking about SLC. I wonder if they could add train that are seated like on the Invertigo. Hmm. *makes puppy eyes* (yes I love Invertigo!)
  • Evolution's Avatar
    Today, 6:30 PM with 10 replies | 181 view(s)
    Obviously, you didn't read my post. I said, if they could that'll be awesome and if not don't worry about. Also, I'm totally happy and grateful with the Grand Carousel. I wanted it since day 1 and I absolutely love it!
  • lucasup's Avatar
    Today, 6:24 PM with 2 replies | 41 view(s)
    I have two different solutions to this in my thread here:
  • gecaum's Avatar
    Today, 6:21 PM with 10 replies | 181 view(s)
    PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF .......... Clockwise ...or ...Counterclockwise....where is the problem ? We wanted it ...we have it ....That's the real good thing !! Don't be too much perfectionist ....The Devs answered !!!!...So , we have to thank them ...and be HAPPY .....
  • Mennoo_'s Avatar
    Today, 6:06 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    Let me first say that I think the rides in the Magnificent Rides Collection looks fantastic. Especially the models of the SLV and MindMelted looks very stuning.<br><br>However, I think the models of the latest announced "Vector" coaster (obviously based on the Mack hyper/launch coaster) could use some improvement. Let me make clear that I understand that you want to give a bit of your own twist to the rides (both from your own creativity and legally reasons), but in my opinion, for the Vector train did this not work so well. I can live with the changes in seats and restraints (While I think that more the original shape of the restraint would have looked better than the more round shape of your model), but for the nose car I think your own addaption went in the wrong direction.
  • Evolution's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 PM with 0 replies | 7 view(s)
    A Panda Express for your parks! Enjoy!
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 5:45 PM with 3 replies | 20 view(s)
    They’re really beautiful.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 PM with 3 replies | 20 view(s)
    These look great!
  • Periocus's Avatar
    Today, 5:26 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Or the MACK. :D
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 5:20 PM with 34 replies | 1791 view(s)
    I've had some Real Life™ things happening, and won't be able to get back into PlanCo stuff till next year -- hopefully early next year, but no guarantees. So I'm putting up for download what I've done so far on the cow in case somebody wants to build on it: Rights on this are CC0 2018 KickAir8P Public Domain -- you don't even have to credit me for the initial modeling, although it'd be nice. None of the stuff I talked about above has been done -- this is still mirrored, and I've marked seams but haven't UV unwrapped. The reference photos have been thoroughly deleted (I hope). Sorry, guys.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 5:17 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Well i'm only buying it,because of the mack
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 5:16 PM with 73 replies | 5934 view(s)
    Well i guess Frontier's little chairlift model for the TMT must have taken a long time to model.
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 5:13 PM with 73 replies | 5934 view(s)
    Whoops, posted to the wrong topic, sorry!
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Ok, well there is nothing in the game currently that we can use to simulate a chairlift from station to station because all the coasters can only have one station. Fake ones on the workshop are useless other than scenery. So, this ride is sorely needed. It was a staple of RCT 1-3. But currently missing in Planet Coaster.
  • Periocus's Avatar
    Today, 5:02 PM with 721 replies | 43697 view(s)
    Well. Interesting discussion. Most of the hardcore players presumably will buy that pack for the Schwarzkopfcoaster alone. The rest is a nice bonus so to speak i think. But the chairlift has a very, very vocal supporter group. I am not sure if the majority will be disappointed if it is not in. If it is good for you all. I will buy that pack for the Breaker and Towers alone, hoping the best for the Schwarzkopfcoaster. The rest is currently not so interesting to me.
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