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  • Damien666's Avatar
    Today, 8:42 PM with 4 replies | 72 view(s)
    I think it's a good idea to buy the game, even if you don't plan to build stuff... The kids will probably learn to build stuff sooner or later. It's amazing what you can do in this game. Just amazing. And you learn stuff as time goes by. After one YEAR i discovered i had LIGHT on my camera!!...That helps when building underground hehe, So i would suggest to take a look at every option there is, in every menu there is, if you plan to build stuff some day.. But like another commenter said, you need a powerfull-computor, IF you want to play around in the big parks. Kicking out all the guests helps. In one steam-park there were 10 000+ guests when i started it ! I mainly build stuff myself. but its also fun to see what people have created
  • Asgaurd's Avatar
    Today, 8:28 PM with 2 replies | 39 view(s)
    May i ask how this issue was solved ?
  • Asgaurd's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM with 1 replies | 50 view(s)
  • UCES Fossil's Avatar
    Today, 8:17 PM with 4 replies | 72 view(s)
    Downloading a park takes several minutes. Starting the program takes me more than a minute. Loading a large park takes several minutes. Ending the program takes more than a minute. On the plus side for purchasing the program, you have a lot of viewing flexibility while running the program. There are different on-ride views available. You can virtually walk around a park at your leisure. You can click on any guest and see the park from that guest's viewpoint.
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Today, 8:02 PM with 4 replies | 52 view(s)
    I don't use any priority passes. One time i saw a guest wondering why there is no info-booth....It's like the info-booth is invisible or something!
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Today, 7:57 PM with 4 replies | 52 view(s)
    I don't have any fast pass queus. I don't get it. 5000 guests at not even one visit. They just ignore the booth! This game is a mystery some times. I also have big problems getting people to use the ATM machines, but at least they get a couple of visits.
  • breezerHOG's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 PM with 4 replies | 72 view(s)
    If you are not going to build anything, then just stick to watching youtube. The game runs much better in videos because it doesnt have to worry aout performance. Do you have a top of the line PC? Cause even with a top of the line PC the game doesnt run very smoothly, especially in bigger parks. A lot of the videos you see on youtube are edited to look smoother than when you are actually playing the game (especially the more extravagantly edited ones) This also isnt really a "controller" based game. I mean sure you can use a controller to view the park but, its not a game that you achieve anything by walking around parks. The intention of buying the game is if you plan on actually spending countless hours building your own parks Otherwise wait for a sale,the game is often marked down around the holidays
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 7:00 PM with 13 replies | 206 view(s)
    Luuknoord replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    O and you can close the program anytime. It would not make a difference for your card. It does use some memory and cpu (minimal) when it runs in the background.
  • jaybhatia's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM with 2 replies | 93 view(s)
    my issue has been solved!
  • jaybhatia's Avatar
    Today, 6:15 PM with 2 replies | 39 view(s)
    my issue has been solved!!
  • Czardus's Avatar
    Today, 5:20 PM with 438 replies | 78387 view(s)
    In this episode we add two more shops on the main street along with some filler scenery facades.
  • QA-Matt's Avatar
    Today, 3:57 PM with 13 replies | 206 view(s)
    QA-Matt replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    Glad to see that installing your latest graphics card drivers helped to resolve this issue.
  • Support Minotaur's Avatar
    Today, 3:44 PM with 8 replies | 130 view(s)
    From the DxDiag that you provided I noticed some errors that I'd like to address such as "WinSetupDiag02" and "StoreAgentInstallFailure1". I would like you to run a system file check as this could potentially fix the issue. A guide on how to perform an SFC can be found here: Be warned that this process can take a while to complete. If the issues persist after this please open a ticket, which you can do here:
  • uricucu's Avatar
    Today, 2:30 PM with 2 replies | 65 view(s)
    Someone please?
  • Chante Goodman's Avatar
    Today, 12:38 PM with 7 replies | 951 view(s)
    This is stunning! I love all the flowers!
  • ChrisRob's Avatar
    Today, 12:16 PM with 1 replies | 146 view(s)
    Ever since playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and memories of Black & White 2 I've always really wanted to see some Ancient Greek scenery in PlanCo. Especially as you say the mythological stuff. I'd be happy to make some pieces and help out.
  • Prody07's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM with 0 replies | 47 view(s)
    Sorry if these suggestion have been asked about before. I have two suggestions. It would be great to have a way of removing paths quickly, for example, using the multi-select tool to delete paths within an area. Creating square or rectangular holes in the terrain, making it easier to have coasters go into or come out of the ground or for making tunnels through terrain.
  • QA-Matt's Avatar
    Today, 11:37 AM with 1 replies | 100 view(s)
    QA-Matt replied to a thread [1.10.1] Peeps Teleport To Entrance in Bug Reports
    Hey cap396, Thanks for reporting this. We are already aware of this issue and it is being dealt with.
  • QA-Matt's Avatar
    Today, 11:16 AM with 10 replies | 169 view(s)
    QA-Matt replied to a thread [1.10.1] Peeps stuck on F25 coaster in Bug Reports
    Hi Westerteam , Thanks for reporting this. I have passed this on so it can be looked at. To assist us further with this investigation, can you please share the park save in which this is happening so I can check it out? Park saves can be found in a folder with your SteamID in the following location: C:\Users\%username%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 11:09 AM with 13 replies | 206 view(s)
    Sam230498 replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    Okay, thank you so much !
  • Crowdpleaser's Avatar
    Today, 11:05 AM with 2 replies | 93 view(s)
    Can you post a Screen of your Coaster tab?
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 10:52 AM with 13 replies | 206 view(s)
    Luuknoord replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    It's just a side program from Nvidia that helps you keep your card and drivers up to date.
  • QA-Matt's Avatar
    Today, 10:47 AM with 1 replies | 51 view(s)
    Hi RoboSpongie, I had a look at this issue and tried to reproduce this in game. Unfortunately, having placed down the two shops in question, as well as many others, I am unable to get this blurriness that appears on the shops. Before moving forward with this issue, could you provide us with a dxdiag report? This is just a precaution to check if there are any underlying issues. To run a DxDiag report follow the steps below: - If you are running Windows 7 or higher, go to your TaskBar. - Click on, "Start Button". - Click on, "Run".
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 10:23 AM with 13 replies | 206 view(s)
    Sam230498 replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    Yes, I made the option to check the integrity of the game's files, and I do not have this bug anymore, thanks again, but what is the geforce experience for ? Planet coaster is not compatible with geforce experience
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