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  • DanFirewolfThorpe's Avatar
    Today, 5:35 AM with 0 replies | 4 view(s)
    In these ancient ruins, it said that a gods power lays in wait, The god Hurakan, Master of the elements,storms and earth. The High Priest was believed to have harnessed Hurakans power and built this temple to honour his new position as a god with statues in this image. But Hurakan is a vengeful force and decimated the High Priests sanctuary before slipping back into the void ...Once sleeping, he has now awoken yet again and you find yourself in his unrelenting wrath. (WORKSHOP LINK) For the full experience, I recommend downloading the audio track Once used on the teaser trailer for Hurakan Condor which takes clips from the Planet of the Apes. I found this track to be surprisingly fitting with the mythology of this attraction.
  • DanFirewolfThorpe's Avatar
    Today, 5:33 AM with 0 replies | 4 view(s)
    (Workshop Link) The Hawaiian goddess of fire calls for offerings, She is angered on what has become of her land. Face the power of Pele through Lava and Water. The time has come to honour her fire
  • MR.sugar's Avatar
    Today, 12:38 AM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    Depends. When they finished studios, they could be assigned to help with JPE for instance. But we will find out soon, how big the next update is gonna be :)
  • zackplanetcoaster's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:45 PM with 1 replies | 84 view(s)
    what about Arrow Mine Train Coaster, 4 seater Wooden Coaster Trains on Monster, and Intamin First Gen Freefall Tower?
  • jpennin1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:07 PM with 0 replies | 19 view(s)
    Ok. So how much time do we all spend while placing blueprints trying to get the everything properly at ground level? That's no fun! Here's a simple idea... Have a "special" piece in the game that you can add to a blueprint that you sink just below ground level and then when that piece is included in the blueprint, the game knows how to "snap" the blueprint to ground level automatically when placing the blueprint later? No more having to have the blueprint creator make "ground level" signs and having to play with the shift key while placing the blueprints. Another way, would be to just have an on-screen indicator that could be part of the blueprint creation dialog that would let you pick ground level at that time. Either way would save a lot of time and frustration in the game... especially for new players.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:34 PM with 1 replies | 40 view(s)
    SpurGe has amazing lighting on the video “Planet Coaster - Princess Amelie’s Firework Show” on youtube. Maybe leave a comment on the vid.
  • SymphonyX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:03 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    Check the bottom row of this page: They're just a bunch of tags used to categorize games on steam.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:38 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    How long have they been working on the game since Studios? Since April? They could have a lot of progress so far. It’s late June.
  • inspectorgadget's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:38 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    What is happening on a weekend? (could be you're replying to someone I've put on ignore :D) Changing store tags on Steam? NB. PC on sale and back near the top of Steam top sellers
  • PlanetCoasterFan4Eva's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:22 PM with 11 replies | 2620 view(s)
    It won't let me see them or subscribe to them!
  • wowman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:14 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    interesting that this is happening on a weekend. Maybe because they have an announcement deadline/target to meet?
  • CoasterFan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:38 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    Looks like some changes were made about 3 hours ago. I wonder what changed store tags mean?
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:08 PM with 1 replies | 84 view(s)
    My idea " update summer 2018 " for Planet Coaster : - Water Park - Zoo - Parade / Show - " El Volador " Bellewaerde Park - " La Trace Du Hourra " Parc Astérix " for Planet Coaster ( Bobsled ) And u ? :)
  • Evolution's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:24 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    We need more flat rides, vendors, water rides, and transport rides like a chairlift. We got plenty of coasters for now. I do agree that we do need a bobsled coaster at'least though.
  • Cosmic Cow's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:53 PM with 0 replies | 32 view(s)
    Welcome to this old aerodrome and take off for an exciting air race. Workshop: A selection of pictures:
  • PlanetCoasterFan4Eva's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:30 PM with 0 replies | 29 view(s)
    Severity Moderate Frequency Most of the time Area of Game Affected Shops and Facilities Description
  • Asteroidcrusher's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:10 PM with 11 replies | 1370 view(s)
    Amazing, Really Awesome work!.
  • inspectorgadget's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:07 PM with 1 replies | 35 view(s)
    inspectorgadget replied to a thread [1.6.2] stars show on main menu in Bug Reports
    Would assume this is the same issue as below that has been in the game since release: One that Frontier it seems have reviewed but are after that bit of info that helps them troubleshoot what's causing it for good. Lemony did post a possible fix at the end of the thread also if that helps.
  • Ticket Checker Kuma's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:17 PM with 3 replies | 185 view(s)
    Hello, Can you describe what sort of "breaking game" you are experiencing? Sometimes it could just be the blueprint have too many items in it and causing the computer to overload.
  • Ticket Checker Kuma's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:14 PM with 3 replies | 68 view(s)
    Correct! If you do have the alpha version of the game, chances are you will need to activate the public version on your Steam account again. You should be able to find the key for it in the Frontier store once you log in. If you still have the problem to find the key, give me a ticket at
  • LPmitNik's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:59 PM with 78 replies | 4327 view(s)
    Guys, we did it !!!!!!!! Dear Frontier Team, i wish i could win these DLC´s, because I don´t have two of them(studios,adventure). I wish and hope to be one of the glad winners ! Thanks for reading this, if you guys do <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :pc::white: Greetings from Germany ~LPwithNik
  • christofur's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:56 PM with 1 replies | 40 view(s)
    I want the castle to change colors, but with the display sequencer it only lights up for like 2 seconds. I can't figure out how to make lights stay lit in a display sequencer as long as I need. Anyone know what I need to do?
  • VascoXTRC's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:02 PM with 262 replies | 20231 view(s)
    I hope they do a poll, I think most of us want more rides and coaster types.
  • CptChaosNL's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:09 PM with 5 replies | 295 view(s)
    I've never seen some (re)CAPTCHA at all when I make a post. ;) I'm also active every now and then.
  • CptChaosNL's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:05 PM with 20 replies | 2953 view(s)
    The reason why real names aren't used at all is quite obvious, offcourse. ;) And most players also don't bother those details.
  • chinyy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:59 AM with 1 replies | 35 view(s)
    chinyy started a thread [1.6.2] stars show on main menu in Bug Reports
    Severity Minor Frequency Once Area of Game Affected Career Mode Description
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:18 AM with 20 replies | 2953 view(s)
    Which is the Giovanola one? Do you mean the 2-seater invert B&M style? There is one in China.
  • Darksixx_5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:16 AM with 78 replies | 4327 view(s)
    Congratulation dear Team and Steam Community Greetings from Germany
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