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  • wowman's Avatar
    Today, 5:23 PM with 190 replies | 18886 view(s)
    Here is an overhead view of the Speeder Bike Flyers (I really do like these overhead shots for some reason)
  • seeker939's Avatar
    Today, 5:16 PM with 3 replies | 111 view(s)
    Why should the demographic of sandbox matter? In the real world there are all different kinds of parks, small parks, huge parks, heavily themed parks, parks with hardly any theming. Some focus on families, some more on teens and adults, some offer something for everyone. If you want to build a (semi-) realistic park it's totally up to you who you build the park for. Once you decide what kind of park you want to make your questions will answer themselves. To answer your questions in the OP that's where I would start. For example, for a Disney style park 6 or more differently themed areas are common, other parks might have individual rides themed but that's it. It all depends on what kind of park YOU want to make. You seem to be playing a lot, so I'm wondering why is it you never built more than an entrance and some rides?
  • seeker939's Avatar
    Today, 4:40 PM with 10 replies | 318 view(s)
    Interesting experiment, thanks for posting your results! I was convinced removing the rides would have more of an effect. I'd do a test myself but I can't right now. What are your computer specs?
  • TTripp's Avatar
    Today, 3:26 PM with 46 replies | 3294 view(s)
    Really appreciate the Cedar Point coaster and signs,will there be any other scenery pertaining to Steel Vengeance coaster in the future?Thanks Frontier.
  • mxttymitch's Avatar
    Today, 2:44 PM with 19 replies | 1066 view(s)
    YES! Coloured and movable jets would be amazing. Being able to vary the height of the water from a single jet would be ideal. A water sprayer like what they project on in Fantasmic would be good to provide backgrounds ect. I really want a platform to raise and lower animatronics e.g rise the witch above the water when she is needed and lower when she is defeated.
  • gecaum's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 PM with 16 replies | 676 view(s)
    Hi Vampiro Try the "Chessure Chest " trick : doesn't work very much ..........
  • Aptz's Avatar
    Today, 2:18 PM with 3 replies | 111 view(s)
    Thank you laggless for the ideas. A couple of questions come to mind from your thoughts. 1) Given in sandbox the mix of guests is about 33-33-33 is ti better to try to have rides for each group at each section of the park or segregate park sections between the three groups and have specialized park sections? Or does it matter. 2) How many park sections do you try to build? I know the game has 6 groups of scenery, but I was wondering if 6 is too many park areas? To tell the truth I've been on the for quite a few months, not quite since it first came out but close, and I play nearly daily since then. But, I've never gotten past building up the front gate (most of the time with rides and not just shops). So I;m curious how I coulid build different park areas, but haven't gotten there yet. Oh well maybe some day.
  • Vampiro's Avatar
    Today, 1:35 PM with 6 replies | 154 view(s)
    1001% agree! I often use roof pieces as ground texture indoors. This would no longer be possible so pelase don't. I rather have a "rockblock"item that acte like the pirate planter barrel did untill recetly.
  • laggless01's Avatar
    Today, 1:08 PM with 5 replies | 269 view(s)
    That might explain, but doesn't it seem a bit crazy that fireworks are incompatible with firing at a specific time? Isn't that kinda the whole point of fireworks? It is also that the Display Sequencer doesn't save the setting of in which months you allow it. I've tried it myself many times, and every time, all months return deselected. If it does so due to what you described, that's a serious bug. If challenge mode wants fireworks, you'll just have to press 'play' for the achievements (what I did), maybe even multiple times in a row to get them.
  • Eaglefan9727's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM with 3 replies | 72 view(s)
    I am buying the PC from Best Buy. The PC that I am buying is in the following link. Pixel World is available on the workshop. Considering that I will be limiting my guests to 2000 when I visit any park. I should be OK as from what I have read that the more guests you have in the park. The worst the game gets when it comes to FPS. I just want to make sure that before I spend $1400 on a new pc. I want to be able to know that I can run most of the parks that are available at a decent FPS rate (20 plus FPS) with a limit of 2000 guests and on high settings.
  • TheGroom's Avatar
    Today, 12:49 PM with 0 replies | 20 view(s)
    Hi there ! It's my first time posting here, and this a suggestion. The light system in Planet Coaster is pretty good, but I think it lacks something : shadows. When you place a light projector, objects and walls don't block the light, and therefore don't have a shadow (except the sunlight and moonlight). So, to mitigate that, and to offer more creative liberty to the player, I want to suggest "Gobo Projectors". It would be just like a classic light projector, but it will have one more option, to import a black and white picture to project, the white parts would be the projected light and the black parts just darkness. So you can project any shape on your buildings and scenery, text, anything you want, as long as you have it on black and white picture (or video, why not? ^^). So If you have a picture of a white snowflake on a black background, you will have this :
  • GeorgeB1912's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 PM with 0 replies | 15 view(s)
    Hello I m still having trouble with the Display Sequencer sound? I have a 12 min sound clip but it seems to only play for a few seconds, and I have it set to continues play. also when i pan over the speakers the Display Sequencer is connected to the sound goes in and out? not sure what I'm doing wrong? I do have about five Display Sequencer in the same spot. does that have any thing to do wit it? just wondering... thanks
  • BenBlom's Avatar
    Today, 12:34 PM with 157 replies | 11873 view(s)
    My first RMC creation that i bothered recording :)
  • EuroMaster2008's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM with 46 replies | 3294 view(s)
    I would like to see a collaborations with Disney and Harry Potter World
  • laggless01's Avatar
    Today, 11:23 AM with 3 replies | 111 view(s)
    Well, it depends on what crowd you're getting. In sandbox, it's pretty much all 33% of each, so you should choose rides/coasters with that in mind. Secondly, it depends on what kind of park you're running (free entry or free rides). Based on that, you can make decisions on how far you spread out those rides (you want them to buy lots of stuff or you want them to ride many things). If you charge for your rides, for example, that will be your main source of income, so putting rides for specific groups closer together (e.g. Bakasura, Degen and thrill rides mainly attract teenagers and adults) is a good Idea. Coasters can especially land you big bucks, as they usually have higher prestige and larger capacity than rides, but adjusting the latter's sequences can change that. To have some balanced flow of guests, I suggest to spread high-prestige rides (1200 or higher) throughout the park, rather than close to another. Be extra prepared if a ride goes over 1800 prestige, as that affects congestion excessively, especially if you charge money for your rides (since peeps don't quite know how to use a ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ ATM). When it comes to Park Balance (stat in rating), well...I'm not really sure how to optimize that. I'm not sure how it exactly works in the first place, sooo...someone else should fill you in.
  • Snoopy's Avatar
    Today, 11:13 AM with 0 replies | 34 view(s)
    Hi everyone, I am a big fan of this beautiful game As some have stated though, the management aspect of this game could be improved. So here's the idea : why not implement Competition ?
  • Spanky's Avatar
    Today, 11:03 AM with 58 replies | 4235 view(s)
    I'm pretty sure, that this is not the movie for the upcoming Frontier release, but did you know, that Paramount Pictures works on a 3D Animation film and TV Series for Nickelodeon for 2018 which is called "Amusement Park"? To my knowledge, Paramount is part of Universal Studios. Maybe a good reason to make a collaboration again.
  • laggless01's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM with 3 replies | 72 view(s)
    Is Pixel World a downloadable park? I can't find it in the default, but perhaps I don't know where to look. The exact numbers I have to check (I don't know the function in-game to do so, all FPS-calculations were done by counting the frames), but I assume it will be similar to what I described since It acts similar with parks with over 7000 guests (although I'm no master of special effects or that much of scnery in particular. Doesn't mean I don't use them, just not quite as elaborate as some creations I've seen here). By the way, that FPS-drop happens regardless of whether the game is paused or not. P.S. By the way, are you, by any chance, buying the PC from Coolblue?
  • Fishook's Avatar
    Today, 10:58 AM with 8611 replies | 841394 view(s)
    Most people wouldn't have a clue if you asked people what was Breakout was. The same about Arkinioid. If any thing I would of encourage people to re-try this type of games. Atari are a joke of company which only exist due to people's nostalgia. I thought it was a clever advert, but most people/kids would have not got the reference. The did rehash the game 20 years ago. I am off to pitch Mars Revenge adverts, which makes you work rest and play old games.
  • Psycho's Avatar
    Today, 10:57 AM with 10 replies | 318 view(s)
    I did some tests. -removing all my animatronics and most of the special effects, I only gained 2 fps. -removing all the coasters and rid improved my fps count by 7-8 - removing all the scenery ,buildings and rides improved the framerate to only 49 (so removing buildings added ~20 fps) -removing paths gives me 10 fps more
  • PixelWess's Avatar
    Today, 10:49 AM with 10 replies | 318 view(s)
    I also want to know the do’s and don’ts. I already ask this in another topic but getting no answer.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 10:13 AM with 6 replies | 338 view(s)
    Castle Vampire (not finished)
  • BenBlom's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 AM with 0 replies | 37 view(s)
    Hey y'all :)! Really liked how this one turned out, a fast paced hybrid with some RMC elements and my own imagination put into it :). As before, let me know your comments and/or feedback!
  • corkscrewloop's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM with 10 replies | 318 view(s)
    Amazing interresting discussion here, thanks a lot, thats exactly the thoughts, I have since weeks... Fully agree, I'm sometimes amazed on how people build stuff... 90% of pieces not visible or just sticking out on a single point, to get realistic details. While its amazing what realistic results can be achieved, the downside is the killing of the framerate. Solution would be, Frontier give us more different optimized scenery pieces or at least more art forms, smaller art forms. What I would like to know is the amount of splines or the polycount a piece or ride has. So we could avoid using FPS killer pieces. I think that comparison is not so simple... Amount of pieces is one thing, the other is the complexity (polycount) of the used pieces... But yes, let the devs answer that question.
  • Aptz's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 AM with 3 replies | 111 view(s)
    Hi all - First let me apologize if this has been asked so often people are tired of talking about it. I did try to find the topic in a search, but I'm not always the greatest at sleuthing. Also, happy if a moderator wants to move this to a different forum. I'm mostly on sandbox mode and like to model realistically (not exactly like any one actual park, but similar to them). I was wondering which coasters, rides, etc. do you think are necessary for a good, balanced park? For example, how many coasters/flats/track rides does a park need and what (if any specific types). Of course, I know some folk would say if there' s a speck of space you should put up another coaster. But, I'm thinking along more along the lines of a nice, balanced park folk could have a great time at for the day and be able to go home without a sense of "not having enough" or "it was nice, but there wasn't much there." Also, what types of coasters do you think make the best headliners for a park? Really curious to get your thoughts, thank you.
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 7:06 AM with 1 replies | 54 view(s)
    Sadly, yet another example of the Talibanization of America. Same thing as burning books, blowing up idols built by other cultures, and anything else that doesn't agree with your utterly intolerant and seriously mistaken ideology. Those who jump on the current bandwagon of demonizing the Confederacy know nothing of history and are only intent on writing their own version of it. But this is not the place to argue such things. So if you feel like ranting about it, feel free to PM me.
  • Eaglefan9727's Avatar
    Today, 6:56 AM with 3 replies | 72 view(s)
    While I cant give you any helpful info on this matter. I am interested in following this thread as the PC that I am planning to buy so I can finally play the game itself has the same specs that you have. However, I do have a question and hopefully you can answer it. What is your typical frame rate on some of the big parks such as Pixel World or something along that line with about 2000 guests in the park?
  • Crowdpleaser's Avatar
    Today, 5:46 AM with 6 replies | 154 view(s)
    I'm sorry to be a negative nancy, but don't want any hitboxes around Scenery pieces and Walls... However, a "No entry" function on Signs would be a welcome feature :D
  • FamousAmos's Avatar
    Today, 5:38 AM with 4 replies | 128 view(s)
    Nah, I'm just no where near ready to release my Ride/Park to the Public yet. Also, I'm planning to do a factory reset of my entire computer. I've had it for nearly 4 years and I've never really cleaned it (the files, etc...). and it's better if I factory reset it. That will not help with the sequencers and it's issues, but it will , however, improve my gameplay and fps.
  • Ramm's Avatar
    Today, 5:25 AM with 10 replies | 303 view(s)
    Yes please
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