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  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Oh yeah sparkly lights like helix has (i think it has)
  • spoonetti's Avatar
    Today, 2:25 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Be sure, on Tuesday we will know more! ;)
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 2:08 PM with 5 replies | 86 view(s)
    Sam230498 replied to a thread Matterhorn in Suggestions and Ideas
    Yes,just have to change the platform and the wagons, we have it on Roller coaster tycoon 3
  • JBProfessor's Avatar
    Today, 2:03 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    I'm laughing right now at how this is a debate. It really isn't... Paul when he commented was trying to change the subject, how this whole thing became a its a TMTK item is hilarious to me. But let's keep it going... I would honestly like to ask a serious question, will the Mack roller coaster have lights underneath? Give frontier the benefit of the doubt and change the subject. I agree with the one who said its either conceptual and coming out in the future or it will arrive Monday during the live stream as it is the #1 most requested item. Knowing business you'd build the hype save the best for last, maximize sales. I would honestly hold it off add gondolas as a variant unless they already did do it. This pack has slapped everyone in the face with so many great requests fulfilled and done so well, I think we can wait the 3 or so months for the next DLC. To honor the devs moving on is good, but who am I. I say this with love.
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 1:50 PM with 1 replies | 2 view(s)
    the pictures look great. Love the rapids w/ the mine train. The wooden coaster looks great.
  • JBProfessor's Avatar
    Today, 1:44 PM with 12 replies | 530 view(s)
    Looks amazing in game... any other fish to come? I would love the chance to make or update my existing aquarium.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 1:34 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Hahaha Helena,nice argument
  • Periocus's Avatar
    Today, 1:25 PM with 1 replies | 14 view(s)
    Top Ten downloads overall: 1. Das Matze CTR1 - 28394 (Monorail, Tractorride, Tram, Eurofighter, Shyguycoaster, endless darkride) 2. Tower of Terror - 24954 3. Das Matze CTR2 - 17661 (Old 99, Studiotram, Bobsleighcoaster, Gerstlauer Spinningcoaster, swinging Minetraincoaster, Intamin Woodencoaster) 4. B&M Ultimate Pack - 16689 5. Intamin Blitz Coaster - 14975 6. Mixer - 12228 7. Loop Fighter - 11996 8. RCT-HSR Consortium: Mini Express Final Release - 13907 9a. Parallax B&M Wingcoaster - 10751
  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 1:20 PM with 5 replies | 86 view(s)
    Helena replied to a thread Matterhorn in Suggestions and Ideas
    But isn't Weisshorn a kind of thing that would be the one for this one even if it is not exact? They usually do tweaks and/or combine rides into one.
  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 PM with 5 replies | 130 view(s)
    I guess if it is possible to mirror one could mirror, it would work if there's no text etc. But it might clash to their artistic mind to see everything mirrored. As for me, I think it is good as is, there are so many more things that needs to be addressed than this. ;)
  • Serpentrax's Avatar
    Today, 1:19 PM with 45 replies | 1360 view(s)
    The campaign page was taken down way before the end date, so I guess it was cancelled due to the backlash. Which also means that are not obligated to pay out anything at all. And I hope/ assume they didn't receive their funding either, but we may never know.
  • Helena's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    To you who are saying why would they model just to make it fake. Remember they could have modeled it in past only to realize it won't work with guest allocation coding. Just saying. Plus they can make objects larger than 8m, they do not HAVE to use TMT. ;) Just to be on guard for master trolling/mistake. So I going to be wary now. Now, if it is actual ride and it is working - HOORAY HAY! but if not... TROLL! (then I hope the actual ride is better) :D
  • Periocus's Avatar
    Today, 1:10 PM with 1 replies | 14 view(s)
    I thought i have a look at the current state of Custom scenery depot for RCT3 and most downloaded flats, granted some are longer vailable then others. not in Planco - in Planco - 1. Mixer - Zamperla - 12228 - 2. Loop Fighter - Technical Park - 11996 - 3. Booster Maxxx - Fabbri - 10198 - 4. Troika - Huss - 8755 - 5. Condor - Huss - 8738 -
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 1:09 PM with 22 replies | 1064 view(s)
    I agree these look great. Would really like to use them.
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 1:07 PM with 2 replies | 45 view(s)
    You keep amazing me sarrah! Excellent stuff!
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 1:05 PM with 5 replies | 103 view(s)
    Luuknoord replied to a thread [1.9.1] Keeps asking me to close game in Bug Reports
    My question is does it harm anything. I just press no everytime and the game is closed anyways as i was intended when exiting. Exiting PC always was a bit time consuming anyways everytime I played it. Maybe it has something to do with cleaning up memory?
  • Neezy's Avatar
    Today, 12:51 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Yup! And as I said in an earlier post, why would the devs waste time using TMT to create an "elaborately fake model" of a chairlift and station. #1 they have their in house capability to directly import scenery instead of going through TMT to do so. Enough games Sam, Paul, and the rest of the wonderful frontier team! We know your little tricks lol Chairlift!!!!!!!! (just look at the coaster enthusiast passion in this thread for something that could easily be perceived as miniscule to non enthusiasts )
  • Cosmic Cow's Avatar
    Today, 12:49 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    No attack at all! Just a question to make clear (help) why you don’t get these things right... There are a lot of people that experience difficulties in intepreting the thing that is really meant or said right, no big deal.
  • Jurgenn's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM with 1 replies | 2 view(s)
    This is the park i'm most proud of. I started a long time ago with the idea to make a park inspired by Tripsdrill, which is a park in Germany with small and gentle rides. This is why there is no big/high/extreme coaster in the park (And also because i'm bad at building them). I was wondering what you guys think and if you have some feedback or suggestions. Image 1: Park from above with no entrance building Image 2: Entrance area with Chair-O-Plane
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM with 2 replies | 45 view(s)
    you have great TMT items. This is a GREAT addition. Big thumbs up!! Heather
  • Crowdpleaser's Avatar
    Today, 12:43 PM with 4 replies | 195 view(s)
    Hello :D Helena made a helpful Wiki containing important Steps with pictures and descriptions for the Basic setup. Even though the Wiki is not complete yet, it should help you out :D
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    I can read between the lines and i'm usually the one with the biggest humor,no need to attack me personally just because i interpreted something wrong.
  • Luuknoord's Avatar
    Today, 12:31 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Same thought I have. This park we see was specially build fot the DLC reveal. Why place something there that is not in the game. And you've got to be blind to not see the chairlifts when posting that picture on social media. Great move by frontier Besides if it was a workshop item. Where is it in the workshop then?
  • banjotails's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 PM with 4 replies | 195 view(s)
    Hey smart people who use Blender. Can someone please provide a very detailed run down with images/video of how to set up the layout of the adding materials, naming them, further steps after the duplicating of item etc. You know something Frontier should have provided from day one for dumb bunny's. I have spent the last 3 weeks learning how to use Blender watched millions of videos around, including those planet coaster related, and i am still getting a white item once placed in game, when they get accepted. And i am so close to throwing stuff at my screen. :) I am basically trying to do a box for learning and thinking it cant be this hard for something that should be so simple ish. Perhaps just have not found a good full in depth video walk through or that i am not getting confused over or missing a step. For example, Ive done the Uv unwrap, but do i leave as is or save/export it, paint it, add it back, add a image to the uv map? I read don't add images in blender, name things the same, match texture files etc, yeah ok, BLAHHH!! It seems everyone has a different process.
  • Spanky's Avatar
    Today, 12:26 PM with 15 replies | 1079 view(s)
    Will the unlocked special giveaways available for anyone after the milestones are reached? I can't watch the stream the whole day.
  • Kombiice's Avatar
    Today, 12:21 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Wow. This is actually the biggest post ever here on the forums, with 685 replies, already!
  • Cosmic Cow's Avatar
    Today, 12:02 PM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    Once again, you totally miss the context for a reason, of which I have a strong assumption now why. Do you always interpret everything eaxct and litterally? You canít read between lines? You donít feel what the real thing (humor) is said?
  • Riley-Jake's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 AM with 695 replies | 42454 view(s)
    All possibility’s however working for a big corporate company myself It would be highly unprofessional of them to spend the time and money on a fake. Like come on I think we all know that there was a mistake here,hence my previous points and going back to my bonus, the dlc has come out on my birthday twice and it has twice been things I requested, it wasn’t me trying to be special it was something which has just happened, but each to there own. Let the Chairlift Choas Begin!
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