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  • LÉON/LvHtje's Avatar
    Today, 9:13 PM with 2 replies | 13 view(s)
    yes, that is exactly what I mean. We need these attractions to build a realistic theme park, maybe next year? ;)
  • Zandy's Avatar
    Today, 9:06 PM with 2 replies | 41 view(s)
    Zandy replied to a thread Snowy roof? in Suggestions and Ideas
    Hi Mez, I aware of that. Still it takes agees so fill them up and you can always see the edges. Real icicles would be great to, the creem doesn't look like snow.
  • spoonetti's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 PM with 2 replies | 13 view(s)
    You're not alone with this opinion! That's what I'm missing, too. Also, some junior/kiddie flat rides.
  • Prince Chester the Third's Avatar
    Today, 8:28 PM with 223 replies | 33130 view(s)
    So....the theme maker's tool kit....anyone out there doing "water" themed stuff?.....Hawaiian, Polynesian, waterpark themed scenery pieces, animatronics? Just curious for those of us who love water, ;)
  • Skyvador's Avatar
    Today, 8:01 PM with 12 replies | 1111 view(s)
    Thanks to the new game update, you can now enjoy the following restaurants in the park Walt's Colonel Hathi Pizza Outpost Pizzeria Bella Notte The Lucky Nugget Agrabah Cafe Blue Lagoon Restaurant
  • LÉON/LvHtje's Avatar
    Today, 8:00 PM with 2 replies | 13 view(s)
    What I really miss in the game from the beginning, are small attractions such as a slide and trampoline etc. I hope that we will get them in the game next year!
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 PM with 4 replies | 79 view(s)
    That would seroiusly be amazing and make darkrides a lot better
  • the_culture's Avatar
    Today, 7:26 PM with 2 replies | 35 view(s)
    Awesome, thank you.
  • RealWar's Avatar
    Today, 7:24 PM with 70 replies | 7169 view(s)
    I agree with Periocus and Spoonetti; would have loved if the Jixxer/Interceptor was for all riders.
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 7:16 PM with 2 replies | 14 view(s)
    Thanks! I love how it's now fairly quick and easy to make such things :)
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 7:14 PM with 5 replies | 53 view(s)
    True the China pieces are amazing. Currently building on a japanese entrance area for my new disney/dreamworks movie rides/ worldsfair park. Cool looking restaurant.
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 7:09 PM with 70 replies | 7169 view(s)
    Yeah for recreations not good,but for your own creations the system works really well for me.
  • Mudvayneimn's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 PM with 0 replies | 18 view(s)
    Downloads Ride Blueprint This is Orion, part one of Project Cosmos - a three part release of some older material - finally finished. Each ride in Cosmos utilizes familiar B&M elements with a more stylized, unique twist.
  • KickAir8p's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM with 2 replies | 14 view(s)
    Looks good!
  • Aaronroberts12567's Avatar
    Today, 6:57 PM with 70 replies | 7169 view(s)
    Well, I've given up. I thought I'd try to make the building again that I tried before (when I was considering a refund) seriously, I'm baffled how the base game has a 4x4 sloped roof but the world fair pack doesn't :/
  • gamer2456's Avatar
    Today, 6:56 PM with 2 replies | 100 view(s)
    I'm still going buy it buy I wish was more to each countries like china.
  • jrolson's Avatar
    Today, 6:47 PM with 2 replies | 100 view(s)
    I just wanna know why do I have to waste my harddrive space on DLC I dont want...
  • Xeriisa's Avatar
    Today, 6:36 PM with 0 replies | 21 view(s)
    Severity Severe Frequency All of the time (100% reproducible) Area of Game Affected Scenery Description
  • gamer2456's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 PM with 2 replies | 100 view(s)
    The dlc is pretty good but would love seen some more pieces in scenery and walls with each country like china. It just could use little bit more stuff other counties like china but other then that it good dlc.
  • Wagi's Avatar
    Today, 6:24 PM with 70 replies | 7169 view(s)
    While overall I really like what was in the dlc and I'm happy I bought it, I'd echo the idea that many of the themes seem 'unfinished', lacking pieces that would make them more complete and easier to create with. I know some will say that the upcoming Theme-maker will allow us to expand upon what we have, but I'm fearful that we'll end up not being able to match the textures on the Frontier originals and be left to hope that people release their own similar full sets with all the different pieces we're lacking. I also echo the disappointment in the lack of flat rides, especially generic themed ones. Yes, they take a long time and effort to create, but if they are included in dlc packs I'm willing to pay for...I myself don't expect them for free. I hope that can be addressed in the future One thing I did notice that's not really a bug I guess is that on a few pieces the textures appear pretty muddy and there's quite a few wall pieces with gaps between adjoining walls and alignment problems...looks like possibly things were rushed on them and they didn't get the usual QC that this game has? They are certainly still usable, but it's noticeable and not up to the usual PC standards in my opinion.
  • Mez's Avatar
    Today, 6:19 PM with 9 replies | 186 view(s)
    The question will be whether or not that’ll be a paid update, free or split....
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 6:16 PM with 9 replies | 186 view(s)
    Yes I hope they will do a big thing for the birthday !
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 5:58 PM with 2 replies | 14 view(s)
    A small shrine of the type typically clustered around and between the larger temples in Nepal. It's fairly easy to repaint and add some different trim if you want a variety in a group of such things, although many real clusters all look essentially identical. Workshop link: This is now part of a growing collection of Himalayan-styled buildings I'm going to make, but for now it only has this and a large Nepali-style restaurant.
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM with 3 replies | 137 view(s)
    Wow, very nice!
  • Bullethead's Avatar
    Today, 5:56 PM with 1 replies | 31 view(s)
    Looks nice! All sorts of fun in this WF DLC
  • Fishook's Avatar
    Today, 5:55 PM with 13 replies | 371 view(s)
    I agree 100%, but with the DLC requirements it could be tricky implement. I am purely a scenario player these days and there so much that doesn't get utilised when playing scenarios. There are some cracking ones on the Workshop, but I haven't build a hotel yet, let along a restaurant. Even transport rides don't get much love. But as your average scenario is quite lengthy, testing becomes a problem. Currently playing Hurricane Hills and it's been a joy to play as the park is run destroyed after a hurricane as it both a building and management focused scenario with a good number of objectives. I do think having recommend user made scenarios in the main menu would please a lot of people, as Helena said the workshop is mixed bag. Just because it wonderful created map it doesn't make a good scenario, as I enjoy building my own custom buildings and scenery in the style of the scenario.
  • spoonetti's Avatar
    Today, 5:42 PM with 4 replies | 82 view(s)
    I just refer to my wish list: ;)
  • Icedude's Avatar
    Today, 5:37 PM with 2 replies | 35 view(s)
    On the Settings menu under Game settings, there's a checkbox for Ride Breakdowns and another one for Staff Management Features. Un-ticking both of those should be what you're looking for. I'd also suggest disabling Staff Happiness too so your shopkeepers don't quit from being underworked/overworked/underpaid
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