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  • JCat's Avatar
    Today, 6:31 PM with 7 replies | 151 view(s)
    I was getting random crashes. Especially just walking away from the computer for a while, only to come back and see one of those Frontier crash report messages. In addition, I was getting the exit crash every time. For me, it turned out to be one (or more) of the TMT downloads. It worked itself out as I unsubscribed to 3/4 of them due to the initial loading speed problem. Turns out, PlanCo now takes less than 2 minutes to load, and no more crashes. Basically, it solved two problems. I still have about 20 TMT objects, and will unfortunately, keep only a small amount until the issue gets addressed.
  • horizons1's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 PM with 28 replies | 2795 view(s)
    Oh boy!
  • stuk71's Avatar
    Today, 4:59 PM with 6 replies | 881 view(s)
    stuk71 replied to a thread Swiss themed Hotel in Other Creations
    These look so good - thanks for posting
  • Support-Zenit's Avatar
    Today, 4:04 PM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    Hi there! The GeForce 8800 GTS 512 is very far below minimum spec, and that is likely the cause for the errors you're getting, and will likely not be able to run Planet Coaster. If you're able to use a different graphics card, you may be able to get it to run. Sorry about that! If you want us to look into it a bit more (and maybe some other options), please make a ticket here:
  • DisneylandFreak's Avatar
    Today, 3:09 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    OMG imagineertim is backHYPE!
  • ImagineerTim's Avatar
    Today, 2:53 PM with 1 replies | 21 view(s)
    ImagineerTim's Dwemer Coaster
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 1:41 PM with 1 replies | 30 view(s)
    Mine last around 3 years since I use it so much. I use HP as well. All my previous ones died out from overheating and broken fans so I have a fan made for laptops so it's always nice and cool. For a $600.00 laptop it does very well with Planet coaster and JWE. Had to get it after my 300 dollar one REALLY couldn't handle it. :)
  • heatherg23's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM with 1 replies | 23 view(s)
    Hi Questlin, The park looks amazing from the video. The pics of the buildings are very impressive. Great work!
  • DEVENGER's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 PM with 12 replies | 1998 view(s)
    THANK YOU FRONTIER ! you put the options in ! great !!!!
  • Haristess's Avatar
    Today, 12:23 PM with 2 replies | 80 view(s)
    Whoop whoop :) ah yes. im yet to begin the animation side. Im busy modelling a set of Alien stuff atm. ive also made a "war of the worlds" type machine that im intending on putting into different poses, and maybe to animate too. Ive been informed that Bone animations are a nightmare for TMT though, so im just keeping myself away from animation for now. just makign static stuff and building up a large collection of assets. this is what im working on atm Alien "War of the worlds" type set.
  • Paulsley's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM with 0 replies | 27 view(s)
    I couldn't resist this one! My favourite crisps are now "sponsoring" a ride :)
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 10:20 AM with 1 replies | 35 view(s)
    shaneturner12 replied to a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    I'd also get your graphics card checked as well as that kind of issue is normally an indication of a graphics card problem. Shane
  • shaneturner12's Avatar
    Today, 10:12 AM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    A note regarding the DX12 reference. Unless it crops up on the Display tab in dxdiag as one of the feature levels, then it's the version that Windows supports and does not necessarily mean the graphics card also supports it. Shane
  • Sam230498's Avatar
    Today, 9:10 AM with 1 replies | 35 view(s)
    Sam230498 started a thread [1.10.1] Texture in Bug Reports
    Severity Moderate Frequency Once Area of Game Affected Buildings Description
  • Guitar_Sly's Avatar
    Today, 9:02 AM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    For a 8800GTS there is NO new driver. This card is from 2007! It was the first generation of DX10 Graphics cards and if the rest of your Computer is the same age as your Video Card, no one can help you. You'll need to buy a new PC with a modern platform. Upgrading just a Graphics card on such a Old PC is not recommendet since the other Components will quickly bottleneck the new hardware. Can you give us a whole DXDiag so we can have a look at the rest of your PC? But I think there will be no realistic solution. You can not play modern games on such old hardware any more so even for other newer games from the last Years you will need a whole new PC.
  • Guitar_Sly's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 AM with 27 replies | 1542 view(s)
    Adittionally, if you look at the games that were released the last few years and got DX12 and DX11 Support, it's clear to see, that DX12 often runs worse on Games which are build on DX11 and got a DX12 path patched in later. Even many games which are released with both options running better with DX11. Just a few games, where it seems like the DX12 path was in mind since the beginning core developement are able to make a profit out of the DX12 render path. It is NOT that easy, to bring a efficient DX12 or Vulkan render Path in a Game and Engine, which was optimised on DX11 from the beginning of the Game developement. It would require a whole rewrite down to the cores and basics of the game and engine itself to make this happen. And this additionally also affects many layers above. Might go up to re-programming most of the rides, shops, peep AI etc... Some people sound like it is just a simple switch in a file header to change to DX12. Guys, it is not! It is not that easy to switch or add a new Render Path, doesn't matter if it's called DX12 or Vulkan. For a good implementation you need to implement this from the beginning, otherwise it might get messy like many games has shown in the last few years where DX12 performed worse than DX11.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 8:15 AM with 1 replies | 48 view(s)
    It's a bummer that we won't have a water park expansion like Soaked for RCT3. That was a good addition. Waterparks have been becoming more popular especially as part of amusement parks. We have to fake waterslides and swimming pools right now. I'm not sure if bumper boats would work in PC with the way things are coded, apparently Planet Coaster can't do certain things that past RCT games could do. Even Parkitect has bumper boats.
  • Robert K's Avatar
    Today, 8:12 AM with 7 replies | 151 view(s)
    Yes, I am getting crashes, too. It happens after a while then the box appears asking you to quit the game. At that point you have no choice but to close the game. But, I get crashes with other games as well, like this train simulator called Trainz. Planet Coaster though really hogs memory when it runs, and if I have 30 webpages open that can cause the memory to become clogged. Maybe if I run Planet Coaster without a lot of other things running as well, and keep the webpages to a minimum. It didn't crash much though before last November.
  • Skywaterbirdx16m's Avatar
    Today, 6:55 AM with 1 replies | 30 view(s)
    All my laptops have been HP. 2004 - My 1st HP laptop. 512MB RAM. blue screen of death. 2nd laptop. HP. AMD 3 core CPU, 1GB RAM. touch screen failed. 3rd laptop. HP. Intel Core i5 2xxx series. Windows 7. Screen failed last week. screen failed, battery failed. 4th laptop. HP. Intel Core i5 6xxx series. Windows 10. Brought mid 2015. Battery failed this month, got a new one from a 3rd party for NZ$60. I Google searched how long a typical/average laptop is expected to last, and it's only 2-5 years. If it lasts you longer than 5 years, you're extremely lucky or extremely patient. Laptops begin to slow down after 2-3 years. I have my 1st custom desktop PC from mid 2016 which is the one I use to game on and play Planet Coaster with.
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Today, 6:03 AM with 7 replies | 151 view(s)
    I have a crash EVERY time i want to Exit the game, and i get the same stupid question every time after a minute ''do you want to end the game now?'' I am not expecting any updates that will fix this problem. Why does this game have all the crashes? At least the game never crashes when i am playing.
  • Questlin's Avatar
    Today, 6:02 AM with 1 replies | 23 view(s)
    Video tour of my first fully fleshed out Planet Coaster Park. Image gallery: Workshop links: Main Building
  • Damien666's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 AM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    I googled =''No suitable 3D graphics card is available. Please check if you have a Direct11X compatible graphics card with suitable drivers installed'' and got some results....same question came up up on this forum 2016, and the guy solved it by downloading the latest drivers.. Youtube can also be helpfull many times.
  • Skywaterbirdx16m's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 AM with 1 replies | 48 view(s)
    Plain and simple. This game should have it. There are what, 2.... 3 at best..... water rides in the ENTIRE game. There is a severe lack of water park water slide video games in the market, the only ones dating back to 2014, 2009 and earlier. And it's 2019. Although Frontier have implied that water slides and swimming pools would be too much effort for them to put into Planet Coaster, I feel bumper boats wouldn't be. Rainbows End, in NZ, has them. And it would be great to add it to this game rather than them coming up with another excuse not to. Thanks for reading.
  • JCat's Avatar
    Today, 2:41 AM with 2 replies | 80 view(s)
    3D Max user here. Haven't used it in a year but now with TMT, I'm starting to get back into it. I did a number of objects for VR Sansar, then stopped for a period. When you don't use it for a while, you have to RE-learn it. Have been successful so far with TMT single object tests, but simple bone driven animation shoots out errors upon submitting. Has to be something with my grouping.
  • cerealfruitcakes's Avatar
    Today, 1:35 AM with 2 replies | 105 view(s)
    Oli414 made some slides,
  • Skywaterbirdx16m's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:53 PM with 27 replies | 8212 view(s)
    My custom desktop PC started off with an AMD R9 390. But that GPU became faulty within it's warranty so requested I exchange it for a GTX 1070 and pay the difference. I think GTX GPU's are better. They're popular among the younger players, and they have a MUCH more reliable PVR system to, NVidia Shadowplay. Tried AMD's Raptr and got a bunch of black screen recorded videos, with my former AMD GPU. No problems recording using NVidia Shadowplay. And it's just so much easier to use. Under my warrant they did give me the option to go for the AMD 480, but that GPU is weaker and has less cores than a GTX 1070 and even an AMD R9 390.
  • Hazelnoot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:42 PM with 4 replies | 58 view(s)
    Whenever I try to start to start Planet Coaster I get a error message saying "No suitable 3D graphics card is available. Please check if you have a Direct11X compatible graphics card with suitable drivers installed". In case it helps I have a Windows 10 64-bit, my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 and it's DirectX12 I can't find anything online and I would really appreciate a solution. Thanks for reading
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